does louis vuitton monogram logo have a greenish tint?

  1. Does the louis vuitton monogram logo have a greenish tint... maybe depending on the lighting?

    I'm not talking about the brown background. But for the LV symbol or the flower and star and such..... are these logo part have a greenish tint on the beige/tan/gold logo?

    or if it does... does that mean it's a FAKE.
  2. I always thought the older ones did....
  3. Looking at my Manhattan, the print is a sort of a drab camel, no green to it ... but it's the only mono bag I have, and I don't know about older designs.
  4. i looked at my mom's old wallet and its got kinda of a yellowish color *more than just caramel)... i have yet to post it on this forum for authentication. I'm kinda curious to see if its real since i don't think they have that style wallet anymore...
  5. Canvas colour varies :yes: Just like in Damier canvas, there can be differences in the colours of the canvas (very slight, but noticeable difference)
  6. I've seen some vintage peices that have that greenish tint, esp. if the canvas isn't cleaned.