does louis vuitton make a

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  1. koala wallet that has 3 lvs across it? I saw a girl with a fake mono speedy and a wallet that has a latch like the koala but its longer and has 3 lvs. I figure its fake cuz her handbag is. I went to and didnt see anything like this. wait I walked by and looked and it doesnt have a latch like the koala. It has one of those metal turney things on it. Like you put it through the hole and turn it to close it.
  2. who is this girl???

    I think vintage one like that, LV French company..

    like this??
  3. no , she just bought it. The wallet doesnt have a latch like that, its different. She told everyone that she spent 1400 on her lv. Its a knockoff lv mono 30. If she spent that much on a fake i feel bag. She could get two real lv speedys for that price lol
  4. poor girl .. IF she spend that much on a fake, someone needs to tell her she can get the real deal for a better price than that ..:yes:
  5. It seems like you're around people who carry fakes a lot.
  6. I want to ask her or say something but I dont wanna come off as being a *****.
  7. well i live in utah. I saw a fake bucket at the mall. The plastic handles had cracks all in them
  8. Whoa you do have alot of threads about people with fakes..
  9. i live in a city where the majority is fake...can't say all because when you think everyone has a fake, one walks up to ya and you're like "woah..that was real"'s bf and I like to play that game lots!
  10. Why don't you just focus on issues that are your "business"?

    You have said previously that your boobs are fake. Does that make you less of a person? No. So, just because someone carries a fake purse doesn't make them any less of a person. Just because you are financially able to carry a authentic purse doesn't make you any better. There is an old saying that we are all one pay check away from living in a cardboard box. Be thankful for what you have, not boastful.

    TPF threads are for education and people to share their obsession and make friends with other like minded individuals. It is not meant to bash and make fun of people. These threads are tiresome. IMO. Now I am stepping off of my soapbox.
  11. You need to get over your obsession with making fun of other people who have fakes, it is getting really old. I kinda thought that all those comments on your LAST post about the girl at your work with a fake would maybe get the hint across, but now I am just resorting to being blunt. Get over it. Live and let live. C'est la vie. You are being offensive and immature.
  12. ITA!!! I thought that last post about the fakes would be the last straw being bagsnbags listed quite a few threads that latinamodel has posted about fakes.
  13. Bottom line is, there are many people out there who carry fakes, maybe more than those who carry authentic purses. Sure, each one of us will make a remark about someone carrying a fake bag once in awhile, but girl, if you lived in a place where a lot of people carry fakes, you'd be one busy gal posting about all of the sightings on the board!

    I do agree with some that these fakes threads are getting a little boring, maybe we can talk about something else? Sure we all see fakes all the time, but the majority of us don't really talk about it all the time either.

    If you really do feel you should post about a ridiculous fake sighting on the board, maybe the best place to post it is the Funniest/Worst Fakes Ever thread...instead of creating a new post every time. :smile:
  14. Yeah I agree with everything said so far. I know you must feel proud and excited to finally own a real LV after your fake ones. However, it's not sane or healthy in my opinion to be so preoccupied with who is carrying a fake and who is not. We see them all the time, everyday, too but we don't feel the necessity to start threads about them. I doubt that even 90% of the people you encounter everyday care about the papillon you carry, they may give it a glance but that's it. NOT a big deal... so why should we give the fakes more attention than the real ones get??? That's one thing I don't want to give newcomers the impression of, that we are all pretentious stuck up b!tches that get off on making fun of fake purses. The only beef I have with fakes is that they bring down the image of LV, but I don't think people who carry them are any less of a person for doing so.
    Sorry if this came off as rude or blunt, I didn't mean to, I'm usually not a harsh person. But yeah, it's getting old.
  15. I'm really quite ashamed to have a new person read your threads. Its time for a change don't ya think?:yes: