Does Looking At Old Pictures Make You Cry?? :(

  1. The other day I was flipping through some old pictures and some of the pictures made me cry.. [SIZE=-1]I was balling my eyes out! I am really not that emotional, but looking at the past and seeing how time just flew by makes me sooo emotional.

    The one picture that made me cry the most was, when my sister and I were babies, and my parents were holding us..... They looked so happy to have a new family, my mom was only 19, and the look on her face made me cry....:crybaby: She was so happy with my dad, but now 17 years later they are divorced... And seeing how hard she struggled through life just to support us... I just love my mom soo much...:crybaby::heart: I always want the best for her.. I remember along time ago she used to carry this ugly $15 purse with a fugly $3 wallet she had for years, and just to make her happy I bought her a Louis Vuitton speedy 30 and a coach wallet to replace her old bag and wallet.... Oh man, was she happy... Now she's all styling with her speedy 30...LOL <----(this fits so well on a PF thread:lol:...)
  2. Ok, be honest... Is this post just an attempt to pick up girls? Because this is what I got from your post: "I'm sooooooooo sensitive! I love my mom! I buy really expensive gifts for the women I love! I have vast knowledge of purses!" :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Sorry, I'm just messing with you. But to answer your question-- No, I don't cry when I look at pictures :shrugs:
  3. No honestly I am just describing how I really feel.. And I have a gf and don't see the reason to "pick up girls" LOL...... I was wondering if i was the only one who gets emotional looking at old pictures... But I just stared rumbling about other things that was on my mind.... LOL
  4. I don't cry looking at old photos, but I definitely get emotional!! A lot of the time i'll start laughing, or feel some nostalgia, or SOMETHING.
  5. Sometimes I get emotional, such as photos with exes that show how happy we were.
  6. Yes I know what you mean, old pictures get me crying.

    Thats really sweet that you do things for your mom like that, she's one lucky woman!
  7. They sure do. All I have to do is see a picture of my darling mum, see her beautiful face again and the tears fill my eyes. I miss her so much...what I would give for one more minute with her.:cry:
  8. Gosh to have a sensitive, kind, son is a blessing for your mother and girlfriend. Nice people make my happy! Old photos of my children brighten my day!!!
  9. Ditto. A glance at my wedding pictures with my Mom in them makes me all kinds of emotional. I have one picture of her, shows her holding the twins and my my oldest brother standing next to them... I wasn't even born yet. She was so happy then.
  10. Thats why i got so emotional.. Seeing how happy she was back then, i just cant see that look now a days....
  11. Aww sweetie, with a son like you, I'm sure she feels it all the time. I hope my boys buy me LV...I mean, are as happy and nice as you are! :lol:
  12. NO...not in my case. I dont know why. Looking at old picstures bring back the old days.
  13. Claire lmao!

    Personally, I don't cry either..:tender:
  14. nope i don't but i go into mega reminising mode after that!
    sometimes, i cringe at the horrible hair and too-much-makeup-when-i-was-16 look too......
    i love looking at pics that shows my parents when they were young.
    i am not sure if its the same here but as i am from singapore ( going back soon, ) , the fashion from those years seems to be coming back from time to time... maybe not 100% the same but you can definately see the fashion being replayed and changed abit here and there.
  15. Only when I look at my Mom's picture's esp. since she unexpectedly died 18 years ago. I still miss her so much. And looking at her pictures makes me even miss her so and wish that she had been around longer to have met my kids.