Does Liquid Patent Mahala not wear well?

  1. Hi guys, I was just reading the thread about the Sage Liquid Patent Mahala on Saks and how people are saying the bag shows usage quickly and are returning it.
    Does the Liquid Patent Mahala scratch easily and show wear very quickly? I thought that JC bags are quite durable, no? Some of you know I got a Plum one recently and since I haven't used it for a long period yet, it looks fine, no scratches or wrinkles. But I also got a Sage one from Saks since it was such a good deal but if everyone who has owned one for a while says that it shows scratches, wrinkles and looks terrible with use, I would want need to return it while I still can. Please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I have the cognac and neon blue LP Mahalas. All patent will show scratches more than a low sheen material. You just have to know that and be more careful with any it shoes or bags. It shouldn't wrinkle since the material is stiff. But, again, you have to take a little more care not to crease the bag, especially when cold or sub zero. I have heard that patent can crack in super cold temperatures since the plastic coating is not as flexible as the leather it is attached to. I would not let the characteristics of patent prevent me from buying a patent bag. Just give it the treatment that the material requires.
  3. Thanks for your input jburgh. I will definitely keep all yout tips in mind when using my Plum LP Mahala. I do love her very much, she's so pretty and useful. I'll baby her as muchas possible to keep her looking good. As for the Sage LP, it's still undecided if she's going to be adopted but I only have I think another 2 days to decide. Uhk, decisions ...:confused1: