Does lipstick have to "match" or "go with" with your hair?

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  1. I tried on this really bright pink lipstick from makeup forever(heres the link just so you can get an idea of what I mean) its #203

    and at the time I had black hair so there was a big contrast and it looked great.Well recently I changed my hair and now its a brownish/red color.I still really want the lipstick but I dont know if it would look bad with my new hair...
  2. I use an Orange.And i have Brown hair i really don't match any of my lipstick with the color of my hair.I just go with any color that would go on me :heart: .But i'm sure the pink can go well with brown/red.
  3. A hair colour will only look good on you if it goes with your skin tone, and since the tone is the same, your lipstick should still be okay on you.
  4. lipstick should complement your overall coloring: eyes, hair, skin tone, lip shape etc.
  5. I noticed that when I used to dye my hair really bright blonde in 12th grade, I had to do my makeup a bit darker since I looked kind of washed out. Now that my hair is a dark blonde, I find that I wear less makeup and I can wear more shimmery pink lipstick colors.
  6. I think it will be fine. lipstick should comliment your facial features, your skin coloring is the key not your hair.
  7. I do believe it should compliment your colouring, which of course includes your hair. When I was a box redhead I went for autumny colours, and now that I'm back to natural (almost black) I use shimmery pinks and reddish tints.