Does Lining bleed in Tambourin??

  1. Hi ladies just thinking about buying the Tambourin..has anyone had a problem w/ the raspberry alcantra lining transferring onto anything?? Does anyone have one that is willing to post pics of the inside for me??:smile::smile: Thanks so much..
  2. we don't get a lot of Tambourines :sad:
    The lining problems seem to be in Damier bags & not in Mono.. Tambourine is such a cute bag, I hope there is no problem.
  3. i have never had a problem w/mine!
  4. The only bag that I've heard of that has had a problem with the alcantra lining bleeding is the MC mini sac HL in white. Hope that helps ! :yes:
  5. Not that I know of, my sis has one and she carries it everywhere with her on errands about town, and she never has this issue :smile:
  6. thanks ladies..I feel better about buying it:smile::smile:
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