Does Linea Pelle "restock" sold out colors/styles?

  1. I have been dying to purchase a Linea Pelle handbag, but the ones I really want are sold out in the colors I desire. Does anyone know based on experience if they will restock these items? Or are they forever gone?? I have been stalking the website on a daily basis but no such luck to date.
  2. They definitely re-issue old styles that have been popular - such as the Dylan. But, not so much on old colors. What are you looking for? I know the sherry color has been sold out forever.
  3. Oh, also, their customer service is amazing. If you give them a call they might be able to direct you to a boutique that still has the item you're looking for in stock.
  4. I inquired whether they were getting the Sherry Piper Speedy back in stock and they wrote back to me that they were not.
  5. That's too bad I love that color.