Does lindy bag come with a lock?

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  1. Thanks
  2. No
  3. Thank you!
  4. I don't think so
  5. my travel lindy does
  6. No the Lindy handbag does not come with a lock or raincoat.
  7. the travel lindy comes with a clochette and small lock (not the travel lock).
  8. Spinskybolt, what is the difference between the small lock and the travel lock? is it the HAC40 lock vs. the travel Lindy lock?
  9. Mine came with a raincoat.
  10. the travel lindy's lock is simliar to the locks that come with the regular birkins or kellys - the small one. the travel birkin's lock and the 40HAC's lock is also different. the dimensions of the travel birkin's lock is a supersized version of the regular birkin lock while the 40HAC's lock is slightly different in dimensions.
  11. Did it?, none of mine came with one and I do remember asking at the time but they said H couldn't make one to fit it unlike the Kelly & Birkin ones.
  12. I haven't opened it, but I assumed that's what it is. Now you've got me wondering! Lemme go look!
  13. Yep - It says "Protege Pluie - Rain Protection"

    I didn't find it until I went to prepare her to sell the other day and I found it. Actually, the plastic holder folds open and there are 2 of them!
  14. I feel awful now that you went off to check, you are so kind! :hugs:

    I will have to ask about them next time I am in the store.
  15. No No! No trouble - she's sitting right here beside me. I was taking pics for selling anyway!