Does leather color changes in Damiers?

  1. Sorry, I'm a newbie, so pls bare with me. I've read about vachetta and patina. How about the dark brown leather in damier (for example, damier ribera)? How do they age? Are terms just like vachetta and patina? How should I protect the leather and also the damier canvas? thanks.
  2. They are color treated, so they wont change color. You really don't need to protect anything in damier. Its ages beautifully. Vachetta is the light leather on the monogram and azur lines. Anything else does not need any extra protection
  3. it doesnt change color but overtime if you dont use it with care,,it will eventually rubs off its shine and will look more dull on the handheld area.
  4. this makes me think i should give my damier some rest now