does LE magenta comes in WORK size?

  1. i wonder if it is too late to order ?
    does it come in work size? cause i only see PFers saying about their city
    please help
  2. The LE Magenta's were only offered in City style with regular, giant gold hardware, and giant silver hardware. There have been a lot of cancelled orders so i'm not sure if they will be selling the unsold ones or not.

    However, if you want Magenta in the Work style you should wait till the ss08 collection comes out as Balenciaga is releasing a new Magenta that will be available in all styles :smile:
  3. thank you so much
    and also, why is it LE?
  4. The LE is a Limited Edition (originally limited to 200 RH and 100 GHW) rerun of the 05 Magenta color.

    The SS08 Magenta will be a different color.