Does Lanvin ever go on sale?

  1. I really, really love Lanvin bags but I have yet to ever see them on sale...has anyone any experience with Lanvin?
  2. I don't have one, but I've seen them go on sale on
  3. Thanks! I've never tried Barney's...
  4. yes, if you look around at the end of each season, most department stores do discounts on lanvin handbags.
  5. I love the Lanvin "Kentucky" bag. It's been around for a couple of years, but it's still on my wishlist!

    If you do a search in this subforum on "Lanvin," you'll find some other discussion threads about this designer. At least one member I can think of owns the "Kansas" bag.

    Here's a pic of the Kentucky from, plus Reese Wittherspoon with her Kansas...

    (And welcome to tPF, BittyMonkey! :flowers: )

    Lanvin Kentucky from Barneys.jpg reese_witherspoon.jpg
  6. Yes. Lanvin's go on sale. Barneys has them at the end of the season.
  7. Bob Ellis Shoes (Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC) puts them on sale usually around October and April or May. They start at 25% off then as supplies hold out, down to 33% then 50% and this past year they had one at 70% off!!! I wanted to buy it just because it was a Lanvin for $350!!! Didn't care for the style though, so I thankfully left without it.
  8. Yes, I have seen them on sale on Barney's website. Not all styles, but still some really nice ones.
  9. The Lanvin "Kansas" bags in leather (not suede) never go on sale -- those sell out pretty early at full price. A few suede and Ottoman fabric Kansas bags have gone on sale. The "Kentucky" in suede has gone on sale as well, but the leather version -- even the ones from older seasons -- is still full price at Barneys. The other less-in-demand Lanvin's do get marked down if there's still any left.
  10. anyone has pic of the red kansas? i want the brown one, but barneys website only has white, black and red. i would like to know how the red looks like.
  11. oh, i guess this is kind of an old reply but i was just doing some searches for input on Lanvin bags - i just saw some suede (i think Kentucky, not totally sure) at Nordstrom a few days ago in the sale bin, so if you're okay with the suede version, you should go check 'em out.