Does Lack of B12 Make You LAZY and Unmotivated??

  1. IDK but I always feel tired and lazy through out the day, maybe rarely I get this rush of energy, which helps me get things done..

    I also feel very sleepy at times.. even though I get enough sleep..

    I hate it because it makes me so unmotivated to do anything and then I procrastinate alot..

    People tell me its because I might have a lack of B12... Is this true? Does anyone else know how I can solve this problem.. Or any other similar things happen to you..

    It affects my school, by business, and pretty much everything.. I was hoping you guys have some good info.. :sad:
  2. My advice? Go to your doctor. There are simple blood tests for B12 deficiency, Hypothyroidism, Low Iron, etc...and easy remedies for those things. My best to you! :flowers:
  3. The problem is I am too lazy and Unmotivated to do that its a never ending cycle........ LOL JK;) Thats what I am defiantly going to do, but will they know if I am really lacking something.. I rarely go to doctors, but i will give it a try.. thanks
  4. I don't know about b12, but I know low iron does it and also depression. A lot of people think depression means sad and down, but it can also mean no drive or ambition among other things.
  5. All I can add to this is that I recently started taking a Bcomplex, bioton and fish oil capulets and MAN I feel skin is good, my nails are incerdible, and I do not feel the need to take my afternoon cat nap as much anymore!
  6. B12 deficiency could cause fatigue, etc, but it is NOT the only thing that can cause those symptoms, there are many things that could. I would see a doctor and tell him/her your concerns and symptoms and have some blood tests run to test a variety of things. They will know if you are lacking something on the basis of your blood work. As mentioned, depression should also be considered. Please see a doctor to rule out anything that could be potentially serious. Good luck!
  7. I have pernicious anemia, which means my body can't absorb B12. I have severely low levels and it made me tired, irritable, achy etc. I also have borderline low iron levels which also contribute. It's very easy to get a blood test to check this out! When I told my Dr. about it, she had me tested for thyroid levels, B12 levels, iron levels etc. just to give you an idea of what you could ask for! I'm on a combination of B12 vitamins, shots and a few other medicines to help me absorb it as well, and for the first time in a while I'm starting to feel back to normal! Trust me, it is definitely worth getting it checked out! Good luck!
  8. thx for advise sunshine..i have low energy too i'm going to try this..thx for posting too PA i know how u feel :flowers:
  9. I have severe anemia, caused by premeno and fibroids. Trying to wait it out...I take iron and B12. I had a battery of tests done at the doctor as part of my checkup.

    I have not noticed a marked improvement in energy. I have taken the B12 for a couple of years. I will keep taking it.

    I think good diet is probably more likely to help in the energy department. Mine is not the best. But I am trying.

    Get the blood work done, so you know where to start working on it.
  10. When I kept getting depressed a while back my mom recommended I take a B complex supplement. It seemed to help. However, I still get tired and lazy and unmotivated, but I think that's just me.
  11. wow, i wonder if the Bcomplex stuff will work for me... there are days when i just feel like throwing in the towel and cannot figure out why i am so tired. it has actually started to affect my work output more and more