does L.V crocofy?

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  1. :graucho:(I'm back in the forum b.t.w!)is it possible to order 'any' item in croc? I'd love a croc sac plat.. any guesses on price as well?
  2. I think it is possible to special order anything other than SLGs. So you should be able to do it I think. There's an SO club in the clubhouse with some more info, be sure to check there too. Not too sure about the price. I'm not too sure i want to know either :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  3. I would guess 21,000 us just a guesstament.
  4. I'm guessing above 20,000$ US also seeing as a porte cards simple in croc runs for about 1200$ and the sac plat is quite a big larger
  5. If the Neverfull was like $70,000, I'd presume it'd be roughly that figure also. Though I don't think it's any bag, it's only certain ones I think. Though enquire at your nearest boutique? I love the Croc Zippy that was in the catalogue.
  6. I'm affraid the 70.000 will be close8-) as the bags are like the same price in "normal state".. although I think a sac plat uses less material?
  7. The Neverfull was $70,000???! I heard it was $32,000 and thought that was expensive enough haha
  8. I don't think you can order any bag in exotic leather, but only certain types. So far we've seen Almas, Lockits, Lockit clutches, Speedys and Neverfulls. The same applies to small leather goods, only certain pieces can be ordered in exotic leather.
    If you are serious about ordering something, I suggest you speak with a s.a. at your Louis Vuitton boutique and request to see the cuirs exotiques page of "Le Catalogue". If you visit Bagaholicboy's blog you can see a scan of that page.
  9. The neverfull MM I swear was $32k
  10. ^^I agree w/ Matt. The Lockit PM is in the same price range too
  11. they also have a few shapes which they only do in exotic. at least, they used to...
  12. I recall seeing £35,000 in the catalogue. Though perhaps I got it wrong!