Does KS do price adjustments?

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  1. I just made a purchase online last week, it hasn't even been delivered yet. Now they are offering 25% off your entire purchase. Can I get a price adjustment for the 25% off?
  2. Yes or do a return and repurchase, I'm in the same situation made several small purchases which add up.
  3. Thanks!

  4. Just realized you said it was online (I'm still half asleep LOL), I'd give CS a call, they can usually do a price adjustment over the phone.
  5. I ended up driving out to the local store, in a heavy rainstorm. The SA told me I could do it over the phone, like you said. I wish I would have seen your post!
    On the plus side the SA was super nice and she's going to call me when the new floor set hits. She said early April, on a Wednesday night is when they are doing it.
  6. Oh! Is this mandatory for all kate spades?!
  7. I made an online purchase, so she said I could have gotten the PA over the phone, rather than having to come into the store. Is that what you were asking?
    I think for in-store purchases you have to go back to the store for the PA.

  8. Is this true for all orders? I bought a Maise awhile back and called to get a PA because they have additional 25% off about 2 weeks later and CSR wouldn't do it. She said I could buy it again and then return one but she wouldn't do PA. Unfortunately they were out of stock in my color.
  9. I bought my stuff about four days before the sale and was able to get a price adjustment by phone. That's weird that they suggested you buy another and do a return. Seems like more work for everyone involved.

  10. I was told they don't do price adjustments if the lower price is a result of an additional coupon code. That's why she told me to reorder and return.
  11. Not entirely sure if it applies to online orders but on the back of the receipts given in-stores it says a one-time PA can be done within 7 days of a purchase.
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