does Kooba re-release bags?

  1. I see many of you ladies like some of the "older" styles like smooth black Sienna. Do they ever start to put out past season styles again? If a bag is one that originated in a past season but is still on their website, does that mean they are still manufacturing it (as opposed to selling what they have left). For instance, I got a Meredith on sale at Bloomies but Kooba is still selling the bag for full price. Confusing. They have Paige on their website but only in white. Does that mean they wont be making any more of the other colors of Paige? I know some of you ladies are experts and probably know the answers. I'm curioius. I'd love to see smooth black Paige...but suspect they will never make it.
  2. just wanted to bump this up b/c I had wondered this too?
  3. They haven't put out any new Siennas since the Pebbled versions in Fall '06. And I'm sure the Spring '08 has no Siennas. I think that is an end of an era. They re-release some of their bags in a different color or leather style in a new season but I've never seen them re-release the same bags (such as Smooth Siennas).
  4. Ahh, if only Kooba would re-release some of their good oldies... I'd love to see them revive the Sienna and the Lucy.
  5. I would kill for a smooth Sienna in that bark color....or teak......I love your remark about it being the end of an era...It feels that way, its as though they've veered tremendously in design and style. Personally I like the older bags better with the exception of a few. Now, to get that Brynne.....hmmmmmm........::runs off and plots the next paycheck::
  6. They should re-release the older bags- even if they feel the need to change colors, details, whatever. I just don't really flip over the current bags.
  7. Makes you wonder why they don't. I suppose it wouldn't show a progressive trend in their designs but I know there is alot of people who would even pay retail to get a hold of a new Smooth Sienna, especially the Black and Espresso ones that had a sheen and ultra fine distressing. The older Siennas (Cognac and Moss) were a duller leather.
    Seems the new trend is Patent (For this season anyway) and not everyone wants Patent. Just doesn't seem practical for everyday use.
  8. I own not a one "new" style Kooba.
    I have hung onto my older Siennas and my Lucys and call me a Happy Camper.
    Everything else has just left me.....flat.....:jammin:

    They've gotta have a hint? How could they not know that these newer styles aren't as beloved? :sad:
  9. I would love to have the espresso sienna.....that ship has sailed. I did recently get a desert sienna for my Mom, lexie's great help appreciated.
    They definately need to bring back the bohemian look. The patents and metallics are pretty but don't work for my life. The only new bag I have is a Bonnie. I thought it was cute for when I feel in a danty mood, I suppose. I originally bought it in the pewter and returned it for the black. I am drawn to the shine but can't follow through. Happy New Year.
  10. I really would kill for another Sienna. Mine is just fine except there is a rivet missing on the handle :sad:

  11. I like Kooba's boho look better myself as well..
  12. Me too! Or a desert Sienna. While a couple of the new bags have recently begun to "pop out" at me I really am a true fan of the older lines and don't care much for what they've done this season.
  13. i'd kill for them to rerelease the meredith in new colors. i was thinking maybe a dark purple patent...
  14. I wish. I'm sure they'd make tons of money if they did. Some of their newer styles leave a lot to be desired. Why can't they be like other designers and update design on some of the more popular styles?
  15. I'm with you! I'd love it in red or a pretty not too dark, not too light green.