Does Kooba make any large Totes in blue?

  1. My neverending hunt for a large navy/dark blue tote bag is frustrating me. And thanks to Lexies addiction to Kooba I always look for them now. But I dont know much about the styles offered this season. If you know of a nice blue large bag by Kooba can you post pics if possible? thanks!

    oops, forgot to mention a hobo would be great too. I just love blue bags.
  2. Hi Donna:woohoo: Nice to see you here.
    I'm sorry my addiction is contagious. And if Kooba ever made something in blue you would hear about it because we all would be going crazy. We were in a semi Frenzy because they came out with the Red Elisha.
    So....when they do come out with a Blue Tote you'll have to get in line with the rest of us.

    Anything else we can tempt you with?
  3. Oh My....I forgot about that. But I guess the Blue is so dark I think of it more as Black. Maybe this is perfect for Donna. Not a Hobo but she could use it over the shoulder anyway.
    Here's the Revolve pic. It might look a little blue-er here.

  4. OMG I love that Natasha bag! Think itmay be a must have until I can get a big ol' tote or hobo. Thanks so much! The ink color is gorgeous! darnit Lexie, see what you did?:heart:
  5. Well I am just glad that Lindy caught my Major Kooba Faux Pas in forgetting about the INK Natasha. It's a very pretty that I don't have....yet.....

    Hope you can find it somewhere Donna with a discount or coupon. I don't believe there are any on eBay right now.
  6. I love this bag too but it definitely has a purple tone to it :yes:
  7. Lexie, get your hand off of that BIN button. *s
  8. My hands weren't even on it....SO THERE!

    I found my Black Smooth Sienna...SO THERE!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: