Does khaki signature show dirt?

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  1. I am interested in this bag:


    Love, love, love it!! I was just wondering if the khaki signature shows dirt? My signature flap is black and does not and I have khaki signature shoes and they don't really, but I didn't know if they put a special treatment or anything on the shoes that they might not put on the bags. And will the handle turn? I thought I'd heard somewhere that the handles darken slightly after use.

  2. the handles will turn.

    i have a khaki sig mini skinny and the leather trim is much darker than when purchased. depending how you take care of the is how the bag will turn out. my old backpack stayed in pretty good condition, except near the bottom where it stained a bit. otherwise, the bag stayed fairly clean.

  3. The leather is a natural vachetta on that, all of that light tan leather on the bag will get darker and you will not want to use it on rainy days. The khaki signature also will show dirt if you get it dirty.
  4. I have a few khaki bags & imo they don't show dirt at all (but I also try to avoid getting dirty, they are on my shoulder they shouldn't really get dirty there) as blackbutterfly & sprinkles already said the natural vachetta will darken after time & use.
  5. my carryall is khaki sig...and that poor bag has been through hell (i swear i start out by taking care of them, i really do...)
    and it still looks fantastic. you could never guess that i've beat that thing up.
  6. Plus I think they just came out with a cleaner for signature.
  7. Hmmmm.... not sure what to do now. See, I'm so anal that I would want the handles turn EVENLY all over and something tells me they probably won't do that. But I just LOVE that bag! <sigh> And the twist handles are so cool! I like the black, too, but I just can't justify buying it in black with I have the sig flap with the mini "C"s in black from several years ago. The khaki just really appeals to me. Decisions, decisions....:confused1:
  8. the style you're looking at is gorgeous!! love it!!!!
  9. I like that bag style!