Does Kate Spade still make quality handbags?


Sep 30, 2006
When I was in college and just after I graduated, the majority of my bags were KS. I haven't looked closely at any of the KS bags in a few years - I've been purchasing Coach and M by MJ and most recently, Kooba, RM and Tano.

Are the bags worth the money?


Purse crazed
Feb 23, 2008
Northern California/Central Valley
One of my first "nice" purse purchases was a Black Kate Spade Wellesley. I was a little disappointed with the quality and actually emailed about concerns I had about the purse. The lining is a very thin cloth in the "dot noel" print and is very loose. I was also a little put off by a cheap looking tag on the inside of the purse that said "Made in China". Now I know that a lot of nice bags are being made in China but at the time I thought "I spent $400 on a bag made in China". I guess I was under the impression that Kate Spade actually manufactured their goods in New York or Italy. They did not respond to my email, not even a generic/automated response.
The handbag itself is sturdy and nice looking-kind of that boxy tote style that Kate Spade tends to favor. I occasionally go to to see what the current season is, but I think there are a lot nicer and interesting bags out there.


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Sep 10, 2006
Portland, OR
I am not super happy with one I bought earlier this year... I am thinking of ebaying it but i wonder if it is worth the trouble... I've only worn it once and I don't really like how it sags so much.