Does Julianne work well as a crossbody?

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  1. I did a search but couldn't really find what I was looking for.
    I'm going on a 4 day shopping trip and want a comfortable bag. I love crossbodies.
    I was wondering if any of you use your Julianne this way and if it's comfortable.
  2. I actually tried on a Julianne on Fri. It's possible to wear it crossbody, but it sits sort of high up under your arm. I didn't think it was comfortable and went with the Parker Hippie.
  3. I have a Julianne, I do find putting it as a crossbody is kinda weird as the strap is not long enough to let the bag rest nicely on the hip. BTW, I'm 5'3. Usually I will sling it on my shoulder or as a hand carried.:smile:
  4. I almost always use my Julianne crossbody and even tho it sits a little higher than I would prefer, it still feels comfortable and I love the look. BTW, have fun on your 4 day shopping trip :nuts: :tup: