Does Juicy Terry Run Small? Wash Well?

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  1. I have always worn the juicy velour but I was wondering how the terry runs? Also does it wash as well as the velour? Thanks!! Anyone know where to get it on sale?
  2. IMO Terry and Velour run similar in size (I wear the same size in both). You can usually find them on sale at Off Saks or Nordstrom rack. Often Saks and NM/BG will have them on sale online as well... hope this helps!
  3. I have a few terry things
    The tops and bottoms do not aka the juicy track suits
    The terry cover ups because im a b-c cup I had to get a Small. when I usually wear a Petite in every thing else. I say if you have velour track suit in a small then get the terry track suit in small too.
  4. for me the terry ran smaller. i also thought that the velour is better because after like a year and 1/2 the cuffs of the jacket started to wear out.
  5. IMO the terry stretches and stays stretched in the pants.
  6. plain juicy terry was recently at Nordstrom rack for about $30
  7. For me terry runs smaller and the velour wears better IMO, because it's a heavier thicker fabric...
  8. nordstrom rack & loehmanns had lots of terry & velour tracksuits about a month ago but i don't think i saw any there today, except for one or two L/XL pants. saks off 5th had a wall full of juicy and seemed to have a pretty good selection in both colors & sizes. their prices are higher than nordstrom rack but are still good deals. i can't help you on sizing but i buy the kids size and the terry seems to stretch better & fit looser.