Does Juicy do handbag repairs?

  1. Hey all. I'm pretty sure that Juicy doesn't do repairs, but I just wanted to double check with you all. I just bought a Polynesian hobo-type bag yesterday and today, the leather piece on the zipper-pull broke. Normally, I would just return the bag, but i probably won't be able to find it since I got it on sale at Lord and Taylor. I've been to a lot of L&T's and rarely come across this bag.
  2. You can e mail them and tell them you have been having issues with the bag. They will tell you to send it to them to be evaluated and if they find that something is wrong with it they will send you a juicy couture goft card for the ammount the bag originaly sold for. This happened to me with a bag I bought....
  3. I had an issue with the finish on the straps on my Large Leather Distressed Fluffy. Corporate emailed me and told me I had to send it to their headquarters in LA, along with a list of 3 bags from this season of comparable value, once they received it, it would be evaluated. If it was determined that it was faulty I had two options, they would replace the bag with one identical bag (if it could be located) or replace it. It would be replaced with one of the three bags on the list I had included. You pay shipping both ways.

    In the end I chose not to send it in and just to baby it. I knew a replacement would never be found and I really like that purse.
  4. thanks for the suggestionss & information. I have decided that I am going to return the bag. Last night I noticed that now the leather coating on the handle is cracking and the seams holding the entire strap is undo-ing. I am terribly disappointed in the quality of this bag!!! I'm very upset to part with it, but I think I will put the money towards something that is better quality that doesn't have these obvious flaws. : (
  5. That's what was happening with mine, I noticed it a year ago. Oddly, it got heavy use this winter and I haven't noticed it getting any worse. The cracking was minimal and has stayed that way.

    Good luck, I looked to see if I still had the email from them but I deleted it. I had to email JC through their website and then wait for them to contact corporate with my problem, as there isn't a JC store where I live. It took a few weeks.
  6. The leather on my Butterfly China Tote started peeling last year. I sent it in, and they replaced it with a China lock bag (something like that). I only paid for the shipping to them, I think they paid for it to be shipped to me.
  7. yeah i think they will try and repair and if not maybe send u somthing new
    maybe try fixing it yourself juicy isnt all that much so thats what i might do i know they fix bows for sure