Does jomashop sell real fendis?

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if Jomashop sells real fendi handbags. I know other websites like styledrops have authentic ones but there is one I found on Jomashop for sale and I was wondering if it was real. Also, what about rafaello-network?

  2. Hi ATM, someone asked about Jomashop in the Authenticate this Fendi thread. According to Decophile (and if she say's it's real, that's good enough for me!) said that she got three Fendi's from them and they're all real. Also, I've seen TPFers here say that Rafaello-Network sold authentic bags.

    To be on the safe side, wait for more replies.:smile:
  3. One more thing about Jomashop... Before I do business with a place I'm not too familiar with, I like to check it out in Epinions. Ya can read some of the stuff consumers have to say about Jomashop at and wait for some more replies here.
  4. Kat is right! :yes: I bought 3 Fendis from them, and know others who have too, all of them were authentic. I have a whole thread here about my first fendi purchase from them, which was a metallic spy, and I was stunned by that purchase.

    Having said that, you should also know that Jomashop has a few irate customers, both who complained on epionions and elsewhere. None of the complaints that I'm aware of have to do with authenticity, but primarily with selling things that they don't have in stock. the customers don't lose anyting but time and suffer great disappointment. After I got my first metallic spy and was thrilled to see it was authentic, I also purchased online a wisteria spy. About 10 days later they told me it was out of stock. I think that happens a lot with Jomashop, but I found their customer service very good.
  5. a metallic spy? long ago was this? i just checked and they only have one spy and i don't like it..i wonder if they'll have other ones in stock..thx
    btw, how much did u guys yours for?
  6. I got one real Fendi baguette from them. They usually have great prices, but it just depends on what they have in stock.
  7. most of their higher priced Fendis are one-offs. They don't have more than one in stock. I paid the ridiculous price of $1200 for mine, that's 50% off of retail. But I think that's the only one they had.
  8. Please only ask authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! sticky.
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