Does Jessica have the Speedy 30 or 35? Buying a new one on Saturday!

  1. I just sold my Speedy 30 as it had got really dark handles and I fancied a new one, anyway going on Saturday to get one and just wondered what the 35 is like in real life? Is it huge? Which is the better size? I must say I managed to get a lot in my 30.

    There are loads of pics of Jessica Simpson with the Monogram Speedy and just wondering I always thought this was the 30 but in another thread some people said they thought it was the 35? Does anyone know? Maybe it looks bigger because she is tiny? What is the most popular size?

    Thanks:smile: Just don't want to get the wrong one!
  2. 35!
  3. The one she has is a 35 and i also have a 35 and LVOE IT!

    you can fit loads in there! Just dont forget a magazine to stop it from sagging (unless you like that)

    It dosnt look like luggage to me (5'2'') and its big enough to make a statement! DO IT!! 35 all the way!
  4. I have seen her carry a 40 as well...the 35 is much cuter IMO
  5. Looks like the 35.
  6. i think it looks more like a 30.. it might look bigger just because she's soo tiny.
  7. Actually looking at that pic it looks like the 30 I had, I am totally confused about which one it is!
  8. 35!
  9. She looked so much prettier with blonde hair.
  10. ^I COMPLETELY agree!!!

    I think Jessica has the 35...I have the 35 as well and LOVE it!
  11. she has a 35..and I have it too (she was actually my inspiration to get the 35) and I love it! if you put a lot of things in it daily it doesn't sag too much, but if you have just a little bit it doesn't look really pretty IMO. I'm using a purkset right now and that helps keep things organized and keeps it shape pretty well even if I only have a wallet, makeup case and sunglass case in the middle and everything else (ipod, cozy, etc) in the pursket holders.
  12. Looks like a 35:yes:
  13. Its definitely the 35. You can tell by the number of LV's going across and the number of columns of pastiles.
  14. The speedy looks so good on her! It doesn't look too big at all. I can't wait until my handles turn darker so I can start to really love my speedy!
  15. its looks like a really saggy 30 though, maybe it is a 35 but personally it looks like a 30 to me?