Does it work?

  1. For a high school freshman to take speedy 25 to school. I mean i am debating and would love some help! Thanks:confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. It will definitely "work"! You will be the most fashionable kiddo in school! :p

    If you fear that others might think your bag is fake, just ignore the comments and look the other way. You're carrying the bag because YOU like it! :smile:
  3. I think it would work and look really cute!!!
  4. I think I will hold off taking the bag to school....
    I went to a public high school, and you know, gum everywhere and dirty floor...
    It would be cool for occasional piece if you are attending school event, but not for everday...I think
  5. hey buffinator!
    im a high school freshmann tooo, and of course it would be fine to take a speedy 25 to school. i take my bags to school all of the time!
  6. I think it will be fine. Don't worry what others think because in all honesty people will think or say whatever they want regardless of what you do. Why bother doing things (or not doing things in this case) for the satisfaction of other people? Do what you want, wear that Speedy proudly! : )
  7. you could totally wear it to school! my only worry with bringing lv to highschool, is that it might get stolen.
  8. I think it depends on how other students dress in your school. When I went to HS (like 15 years ago so times have changed!) I think that it would have gotten a lot of attention, some negative maybe. I could see other students asking if that was real all the time and it could create some awkardness. Also, I would have been worried about putting it in the gym locker and worry that it would get stolen. But that is my personal opinion!
  9. It all depends on your high school. I'm now 7 years out of high school and I remember that anyone at my school carrying a purse didn't carry anything high end. And if someone would have, they would have probably gotten it stolen, written on, or just been harassed in general. If none of those issues are present at your high school then I would go for it.

  10. agreed 100%

    If I had an LV back in High School- that thing would follow me everywhere!!!

    (and geez lou-eeezz- it woulda costed me only 300+ bucks)
  11. :yes: I agree. In my old school, those gals got bullied a lot. So it all depends on the folks you hang with and the type of folks that go to your school. I never had a chance to wear one but if I did have LV back then, I would have. Only because most of my friends in HS were Samoan, LOL. They would've backed me up:boxing: !
  12. are you planning to use it as an everyday schoolbag? if so, I don't really think the Speedy's appropriate... The shape just doesn't hold books well... However if you're thinking of using it occasionally on "easy-school-days", then go ahead! :yes:
  13. i wouldnt. there are way too many reasons. one being that the jealous girls will actually steal your bag!

    i actually got my prada messenger bag stolen and was stuck at school for at least 3 hrs waiting on a ride b/c my keys/phone were in my bag. it was the worst feeling ever.
  14. Thats what i would be afraid of too. THEFT!!!
  15. i'd wear what i want to! if u feel like it, why not? [​IMG]