Does it work if I return it w/o receipt?

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  1. I just got the Candy Check Satchel purse as a gift a couple days ago & it shipped to my house today. I LOVE :drool: the Candy Check collection and I was dying to get it. HOwever the purse is much smaller than what I thought it would be:

    9" x 7" x 4 1/2" with a 7" drop from center of handles to top of bag.

    I'm so confuse whether to keep it or not. My sis said maybe I should take the purse to either Burberry store or their outlet and ask for a return or exchange instead.

    Do you guy think it would work w/o the Burberry receipt? I still have the tag attached to it.

    ps. Let me know soon guys bc I'm going to Orlando on Tuesday. If i can't I guess i'll just put it up on Ebay or use it.
  2. Do they still take return if I take the tag off the purse, well I accidently did bc I was so excited.