Does it suck to have designer purses?

  1. do you ever find it a drag to have such expensive purses? I do! you always have to be careful w/it and watch it so no one steals it, make sure not to get it dirty, do you feels about it?
  2. NOPE.. I really don't feel thant way! It would hurt my bags feelings!
  3. I'm careful with all my handbags regardless of price, so I don't treat them any different.

    Plus a theif don't care-he'll steal a cheap bag just as quick as an expensive one. lol
  4. ditto.
  5. Sometimes if it's going to be rainy and I have to walk somewhere, I won't take a nicer bag and feel bummed out but only because my bags want to come with me places!
  6. Yea, it's horrible. I feel sorry for myself every day. :p
  7. I love carrying my designer purses! I don't think so much of what COULD happen to my purse. I just take care of it and enjoy it.
  8. No haha, and I treat my bags according to how they should be treated by material, not price. =P Actually my designer bags makes me feel more :supacool: Than anything.
  9. The only thing that sucks is spending a lot of money on a bag you love, only to watch it go "out of style." Ack!!

  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Me too. ;) Poor, poor, me! :crybaby:

    I do know exactly what the OP means, though. It's nice to not have to care about what you wear, or carry, sometimes. :yes:

    Having said that, I've always been careful with my clothing, footwear etc.

    Even as a child, my mother used to say 'Another thing you've grown out of, that still looks almost new!'.

    My partner's the opposite. Everything he owns looks about 10 years old, after about 2 months! :blink:
  11. Word. And too, oftentimes what's INSIDE the bag is more valuable than the bag itself. My bags are normally full of gadgets and electronics, like a DS, Pocket PC, PDA phone, and iPod, not to mention my wallet with my and my boyfriend's credit cards and my checkbook and so forth. I'm gonna watch and protect any bag I carry, because I want to protect what's inside most of all, because it's all more valuable to me than a handbag, which can more easily be replaced.

    So once again, for me, it's what's on the inside that counts.
  12. I do think that everything I purchase is meant to be USED, not abused.

    I don't want to worry too much about where I'm putting it down or if it's going to get a couple of drops of rain on it. So some of my vachetta has some water spots, and I just spotted the inside of my Chanel because a dog treat got inside of it.

    But it's my purse and I'm not going to cry about it, it's still meant to be a purse and carry my stuff. I'm not suppose to carry it before me on a little pillow. I'll take care of them, moisturize, clean, and keep them in dustbags when not in use. But I won't apologize for just using them.

    I buy designer purses because they're just MORE beautiful useful things.
  13. I am like the rest of you...I have always taken care of my belongings regardless of price. It does annoy me though when my bag gets jolted hard by a passerby while I am wearing it or it is on a chair at a restaurant.My husband laughs and says, "Jimmy just got rocked".This is annoying at all price points.
  14. I agree with the other posters. I take care of things, regardless of price point. Additionally, I don't usually carry logo bags so I doubt I would be targeted for my BAG alone. Usually a thief is interested in what's in the wallet, the credit cards, the phone, etc. and not the bag itself.
  15. My grandmother once said that there's no purpose in having nice things if you don't use them. So while I am careful with my nice bags (e.g. don't set them down in wet spots or on dirty floors or leave them where the dogs will chew on them), I don't "baby" them either and don't hesitate to use them. Plus, I tend to subscribe to the Buddhist adage that "it's already broken" and know that nothing stays new and pristine forever.