Does it sound like its spelled.....?

  1. Forgive me............. :shame: Do you pronounce Louboutin, Loo Boo Tin? or more like Lew-bew-ten or........... ?
  2. I'm pretty sure it is pronounced "la-boo-tawn" with an almost silent 'n'.
  3. It's funny because when I call the store all of the sudden I feel like I can't talk and get nervous when I go to say the name! I feel like I stutter it out!
  4. When I called Saks the pronounced it loo-boo-tahn, but when I called the CL boutique in NY they pronounced it loo-boo-tin. It may have been an accent thing.
  5. around here people pronounce it law-buh-tahn
  6. i pronounce it as low-bow-tahn ('n' sort of silent - french accent)... i followed how the parisian SA pronounced!
  7. Mr. Louboutin has introduced himself as loo-boo-tan.
  8. I say loo-boo-tahn. (But I certainly don't say "Christian" the way the lady is the recording says it...awesome! lol)
  9. ahhh i can't hear the recordings! :sad:
  10. Well then! I'm thinking this would be the right one then!!!!:p
  11. well .. being fluent in french that pronounciation in the recording is very accurate.

    I really hate it when SA's mispronounce the designer name or a style name. I cant even remember how long it took for a SA to understand what I was saying when I asked for the Jolie Noeud (Pretty bow) or Binoeud (Double bow) , gave up and had to spell it out for them. Then they would say "oh the blah ba bla" , some wrong pronounciation trying to make me feel like I was crazy in the head *sigh* but I would insist. These are the people that are supposed to be educating their customers....

    I think its cute that the shoes have names but it would save me a lot of time if they had numbers as well.
  12. I love how the lady in the recording says Christian :smile:

    I hear SO many of the SAs pronounce Yves Saint Laurent bugs me.
  13. If you go to the website, there is a little video clip about Louboutin and are several people pronouncing the name.

    I used to study French, and I was saying "Loo-boo-taa" sort of but it sounds like it should be more "Loo-boo-taaw." Sort of hard to spell that phonetically, but watch the video.