Does it sound like I'm on the right track??

  1. Since it's summer - bikini season :graucho:- I want to lose 10 pounds so that I can look fitter then ever in my bikini!

    I'm letting myself eat what I want but I do it in moderation and I try to avoid eating too much sugar and fat.

    I'm doing cardio 6 days a week with additional weight training.

    Does this sound like an OK plan?? I've read some of the other posts here about people working out like crazy and dieting and yet they gained weight!!!
  2. Basically what I'm asking is:

    I'm doing cardio 40-50 minutes, 6 times a week. Is it okay to exercise too much? At first I was just exercising so that I could shed a couple pounds but now I'm seriously becoming addicted to it (damn endorphins lol)!
  3. You actually can exercise too much. At some point your body will burn sugar and not fat. You want to get your heart rate to it's ideal for fat burning. As per my trainers instructions, work-out smarter not harder. I do cardio 3 days a week and resistance (weight) training 2 days a week. If I have a particularly BAD eating week I will do cardio a 4th day. You definately have one day of rest, which you do have. Try what you are doing and if you don't see any results bring it down a knotch and then see how it goes.
  4. ^^Sounds like great advice to me! How much are you eating?
  5. I am on 1500 calories. I thought it was ALOT considering I want to lose weight (only 5 lbs). I thought 1200 was about right. But we did a ton of tests at my gym and my trainer feels this is ideal for weight loss to keep my metabolism up. It's working so I will do whatever he tells me too! LOL :roflmfao:
  6. I wouldn't do less exercise than you WANT to do - if you crave it that's good, it does wonders for stress and mental health as well as physical health and weight loss.
  7. Thanks!! I'll try that!
  8. An hour of cardio a day plus weights is great. Then you can cheat a bit on your diet. No fried foods etc and you'll be great!
  9. Make sure that you are doing interval training during your cardio sessions. Honestly, I think you'd be better off weight training 3 times per week, doing cardio intervals 3 times per week and taking one day off. Get lots of protein everyday and make sure your carbs are from whole grain sources. You don't have to avoid all carbs - just the bad ones.
  10. It sounds like you are doing it right! Just make sure not to overdo it if you start to feel pain.
  11. I think you should definitely add weight training and cut back on the cardio a bit. Don't worry, you won't bulk up ;) Weight training raises your metabolism, builds muscle and helps you lean out. The benefits of lifting aren't exactly during the workout, but afterward. The more muscle you have = the more calories you burn at rest = the higher your metabolism = the more you can eat :nuts: Cardio does, well, practically nothing for muscle.

    A balance of cardio and weights, combined with a healthy diet (make sure you're eating enough, none of this 1200 calories per day business) is your best bet.
  12. I'm actually doing weight training 4 days a week. Does that sound about right?

    Arms - bicep curls, chair dips, push-ups, and those things where you lean foward and raise your arms (with a dumbell in hand) to the side away from your body.

    Abs - 250 Sit-ups, 250 Bicycle crunches, and 50 bridges.

    Legs & Butt - Squats, lunges, and this move involving a balance ball that I got from Shape magazine lol.
  13. ^ Whoops, I now see in your first post you mentioned WT ;) Sorry about that!

    Sounds like you've got a decent mix of stuff going on - just make sure you're always challenging yourself. Your body is smart and adapts easily. Eke out those last few reps even though your butt is burning, add more weight, etc. I might cut back on the cardio a bit, just so you don't burn out or put yourself at risk of injury. But just listen to your body - it will tell you if you're doing something it doesn't agree with ;)
  14. I was going to say what Cristina said...I weight train 3 times a week and do cardio 2 -3 times a week. You've got to remember that exhausting the muscle in weight training and giving it a day to recup is imperative.
  15. Thanks for the advice!! :yes: I'm coming back to you when I need help with the challenging myself part lol!!