Does it seem tacky?


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Jun 19, 2006
I live 5 minutes from a small Hermes boutique (meaning not a lot of inventory), but close enough to a big city one to make it there in an hour, where there should be more inventory.

But in essence of not wasting travel time to the big city one, does it seem bad to call the boutique ahead of time to ask whether there are Kellys in stock (not Birkins), since I don't have a particular SA I work with over there?
Hi babyhart, from what I've experienced, SA's don't keep the Kellys as closely guarded as they do the Birkins so give it a try. It all depends on the store, the SA and his/her mood, and how polite or savvy the customer is! I was once at the Las Vegas store while some lady just stormed in and demanded, "You guys got any Birkins or Kellys?" Not surprisingly, the SA's (in unison) said no. LOL

Good luck!
babyhart, I live about an hour drive from and H boutique and last time I went I did call and ask if they had any Birkins or Kellys in stock. The girl was very nice and even told me over the phone what they had. Give it a shot! I don't think it's tacky to ask. Good luck!!!:graucho:
It would be fabulous if you hear "Yes"... The difficult aspect is deciding what "No" means if that is what you are told... Does that mean they do not have any kellys in stock (would be shocked if you receive affirmative regarding birkin inventory)??? Or does that mean they might have kelly bags in stock if you travel to the store...
Also, if the SA is kind to you ask her/his name. Ask if they wouldn't mind if you called periodically to see what is in stock. Maybe they would take your name and even call you if things you liked popped up. Explain that you live far and you just can't always drive to the boutique. You just never know...I would wait until after the holiday to get into that call though...they may be a tiny busy now.
^^^^Uh, not a tiny bit busy, a whole load of busy. My SA is breathless when I walk in. So, a call after the holidays may be a very good idea. You get better one on one service when it's slower.
HG is right - I called them the other day, (from Australia!) and they had to put me on hold for five minutes, and then still were too busy - this was early last week! They would be FLAT OUT right now! (They WERE excited I was calling from here, though! The poor girl had to get me to repeat everything 10 times before she could understand me - LOL)...
Anyway, I would do what GT suggested if it were me - let them know you are out of town, and would like to enquire before making the journey.
It is not tacky. I called the NYC store a few times about Birkins and they always said no, even though when I visited, they did have them, abeit not the most desirable ones (a 40 in box and a vibrato 35). When I called about a Kelly, the nice SA said that he only had a 25 at the moment. So, it seems they are willing to let you know about Kellys over the phone.