Does it seem out of place?

  1. Hi,

    The heat stamp of "made in Italy" seems to be out of place to me. Is it supposed to be right below zipper? I just have an impression that it should be near the logo stamp.

    What do u think?

    Thanks. :flowers:
  2. It's actually in the correct place.
    I just checked my mom's TOD'S purses and they have the same out of place stamp.
  3. Thanks, Nina_LV. :smile:

    I guess it depends on the style of each bag? Mine is at different location.
  4. I just checked my bag (Miky Nomade Grande), and it's in the same place as the heat stamp in your picture. :yes:
  5. I checked my Tod's but I don't see any heat stamp:confused1: I bought it like couple years in Tod's store in Hong Kong