Does it really matter?

  1. Hello fellow Hermes-lovers!

    First, I would like to thank everyone who gave me recommendations in response to my first thread on this forum!

    My question on for this thread is this: does it really matter who your SA is?

    Do all Sales Associates have the same knowledge of what's coming in, what's in the back, etc., or do some know more than others? Can some SAs offer you birkins that others cannot? Since I just moved here and will be visiting H for the first time tomorrow, I would really like to know if I should be careful in selecting who I should ask for help. Since I plan to live here for a long time to come and will be visiting H very, very frequently ;) , I want to make sure to work with the "right" SA for me. TIA!:heart: :heart:
  2. Yes, it matters...definitely...
  3. ^^^^^:yes:
  4. SoCal, so would you say that someone who has more experience and is higher in rank is better? But if so, doesn't that mean that he or she has more clients and, therefore, is likely to call them than a new client like me?

    I'm already stressed even before I step through the doors for the first time! LOL

  5. I think the first few times you go in, see how helpful the different SAs are.

    Obviously one who's only been there a few months is not going to be as knowledgeable or able to to wave his/her magic want as much as someone who's been there for a few years, right? Unless he/she is the rare exception.

    I have three or four that I work with and also some that I won't go near. It should be about who gives you the best service. I won't suck up to a certain salesperson just because I've heard they've offered people I know Birkins. I use the ones that are nice, call me when they have what I want, and who hold stuff when I ask them to without giving me a hard time.

    I'll also just say I hate it when you ask them questions about colors or leather and they look the other way like they haven't heard you or they're bored. I have no problem asking a different SA for help if they do that, for goodness' sake!

    Let us know how it goes! And have fun.
  6. Thanks Sophie. So it's ok to work with more than one person? I think I would feel obligated to work with the same person I worked with during my first visit, especially if I bought something from the first SA (and I KNOW I am going to buy something tomorrow :wlae: ). The guilt factor....

    But yes, common sense would tell me to work with someone who has more say than others.

  7. I think you need to go there and see who who get along with and like best!
  8. Yes, SAs vary in terms of "access"...they vary in so many other ways as well...

    Experience...personality/ or match to you...etc.
  9. strange to SAs in H were actually recommended by my SAs in LV......LV SAs told me which ones are knowledgeable and helpful...and i was lucky...i met both of them on my first asking them simple questions like leather and'll easily find out which one is better......take your time to choose a SA i's a long time business ^ ^
  10. You are very, very right. This is a long time business :graucho: ! I'm just worried about finding something I like tomorrow, buying it, but wanting to work with someone else the next time I go. If I buy from one SA, is it better to stay with her/him, even if I want to work with a couple others to see if I get along better with someone else?

  11. with me. I called and just landed the girl of the century.

    I am blessed because I don't buy tons of things or ready to wear, etc

    Sometimes people with alot of VIP hot shot clients...they tend to order for them first....because each SA can only order a certain amount of kelly and birkins a its good to find people that are open!
  12. Oh yes, it matters. At least in the Atlanta store. My first transaction with Brittany went so well that I'm going to ask for her from now on. The guy in there just gives me the willies.
  13. There's a guy in the SF boutique that drives me nuts. He doesn't like to answer questions. Very hoity toity.
  14. So in this sense it is better to have an SA who does not have a long list of clients. But doesn't this mean she isn't as high up or knowledgeable as others?

    There are so many pros and cons about both the experienced and less experienced SAs. I'm getting even more confused:confused1: LOL

  15. i was 'fixed' to my SA who helped with my first purchase....though all 3 of them helped....he was the one took the box from downstairs and took the bag out of the box.
    well..i know he's not the most knowledgeable one....but i like him...and every single time i visit, he always says he'd call me if there is anything coming in:p that comforts me...simply by saying it...