Does it pay to ship internationally?

  1. I've been selling on eBay recently & I often receive questions if I will ship internationally. I'm in the US so I only ship domestic. I've even turned down people in Canada because it seems so overwhelming to me - the shipping process that is. Am I missing out on something here by not shipping int'l? I've been reading some threads about people claiming they never receive items, custom charges, sellers waiting months for the "unclaimed" parcels to return. Am I shutting myself off from potential buyers or saving myself from more work? Is the USPS better than FedEx or DHL? :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. Yes, use USPS ( GLobal Express Mail / EMS ) to ship internationally. Don't use dHL/FedEx, it'll cost you so expsv & your buyer need to pay quite high charge by DHL/FedEx
  3. You can make a lot more money if you ship internationally. You just have to be careful. The shipping process can be overwhelming at first, but once you have it down, it's pretty easy. :smile:
  4. I have shipped all over the world and thank goodness I haven't had a bad experience. If you ship internationally, you open yourself up to a much bigger audience of bidders!

    It's really not too big of a deal to ship international. I always ship via USPS global express, which provides you with a tracking number as proof of shipment, and it takes 5-7 days to arrive. You only need to fill out a customs form and the mailing label.
  5. I wish more sellers would ship internationally. I often see many, many things that I want on eBay but can't buy because the seller won't ship here (Australia).
  6. I too think it's easy-USPS only!
  7. I actually like shipping internationally. It's kind of fun! I have had really good luck with it. One buyer paid me with a stolen PayPal account, but I caught it before I shipped anything. But, that could have happened here in the U.S. too. There are scammers everywhere!
  8. I'm British, with an American husband and a home in the States, but we both work in Saudi Arabia. As a buyer, I'm always very appreciative of sellers who will ship to me here in the Middle East. I always insist on USPS Express Mail International because this includes tracking and insurance, so both the seller and buyer are protected. I don't pay attention to the delivery times given by USPS, because it tends to take two to three weeks to arrive, but so long as I get the package safely then I'm okay with it. So far it's been great and makes my day when a new package arrives.

    Thank you to all you International sellers, I really do appreciate you including us foreigners in your listings.
  9. Shipping internationally can be a pain, but it can also help earn you quite a but more money. I would suggest starting by shipping to Canada, and if that goes well expanding to the UK.
  10. Just be careful and only ship to people w/ excellent feedback and lots of it. Stay away from Indonesia...Thailand, Malaysia, etc...
  11. Always always use express or courier with an online tracking number and insurance :yes:
  12. Just so you guys really doesn't make a bit of difference if you use Express mail w/ tracking and insurance when you are shipping to an uncomfirmed address. It offers you NO protection if somebody wants to scam you. All they have to say is they didn't get it and you're toast. Insurance won't work if it shows delivered and PP will tell you that you operated outside of the guidlines for Seller Protection and they're very sorry, blah, blah, blah.....
  13. Be careful with shipping internationally- apparently it's one of the flags that gets your account limited.
  14. I'm in Canada and I agree with some of the other international buyers that it is often very disappointing when I really want an item but the seller won't ship to Canada. :sad:

    I have no idea what the process is from the U.S. but when I ship from here to the U.S. its very easy and is just a matter of filling out a custom form which takes a minute or two. I've never had a problem and have shipped numerous times to the U.S. and also to a few European countries. :smile:
  15. definitely ship internationally. it will open you to more audiences. there really is nothing much to lose and no different from shipping to america. the overseas buyer pays for the overseas shipping which is higher so you don't bear any loses.

    have your own precautions e.g. ensure that it is trackable
    declare that you won't be responsible for customs charges that a parcel might incur. europe and canada
    have a low treshold in regards to the amount of the item imported into the country. australia has a $1000 limit. i think there is no limit for HK.