Does it matter to you where your LVs are made?

  1. Hey, all!! I am going to purchase a LV Speedy 35...however, my name is on a list so that I am called when the Scottsdale LV store gets one in from the France location. Is this stupid? I know that they are all the exact same no matter where they are made: US, etc....however, one from France just appeals to me for some unknown reason. Has anyone else ever done this?? Does it matter to you where your LVs are made? Thanks in advance for your input:smile:
  2. No..I don't really care, simply because some styles/lines are only made in one area. I like the variety and have never noticed a difference between bags made in one place as opposed to another.
  3. Nah. I don't really care either. To be honest, I never even look to see where they're made (my mom does though!)
  4. LVbabydoll-- thanks for the response. I am so jealous that you live in Del Mar!! My grandparents have a summer house in La Jolla, and everytime I stay there I always drive up to Del Mar because their friends have showjumpers that are stabled at that huuuuge equestrian facility...I love to go out and ride them:smile: Such a gorgeous area!!

    BTW--which LV store do u like better in San Diego-- Fashion Valley or Horton?? I have only been to the Fashion Valley one:smile:

  5. Mello yello jen-- yeah I know it is a pretty silly thing to be concerned with especially since all of the bags are made the same regardless where they come from...for some reason, though, I am leaning towards one from seems like all of the Speedy 35s that my LV store is getting in, though, are from the US...they had a Speedy 40 there a few days ago that came from France, but it was waaaay too huge for me to use as a handbag, and I am 5'10" tall!!! :smile:
  6. I love driving by that equestrian facility and seeing the horses. It's really neat that they're so close. Another thing I like is that the hot air balloons take off and land right near my house. I love it :biggrin:
    But anyway, DEFINITELY Fashion Valley. That and the boutique in the Neiman there are my favorites. I really don't like the Horton one because the people aren't very friendly and they don't get in a lot of things that the other stores the marshmallow and peppermint vernis colors from a couple years ago. They never even got ONE piece in. My SA is at the Fashion Valley one anyway and she's SO nice, so I tend to go there when I want something hehe.
  7. i dont think about it that often, but it IS nice to get it made in france. haha.
  8. Oh man, I am so embarassed :shame: I only read the title of the post and responded to the title and then when I read your response, I'm like "oh crap, I missed something!" and read the post! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for my response to sound mean-spirited or anything.

    In response to your original post, I don't think it's stupid/silly at all that you're leaning towards the one from France! If I had a choice between US or France, I would choose France too! I hope you get one from France :yes:
  9. LOL Jenn ur too sweet! No offense taken:smile: BTW--is the dog in ur pic a jack russell?? He is too cute:smile:

    LVbabydoll--thanks for your input about the LV boutiques:smile: BTW, what is ur fav "Nice" restaurant in that area? I am always looking for new ones to try.
  10. As long as it's not made in china. I'm good
  11. Yes it does. :smile:
    I want my LV bags made in France. Just like I'd want my Hermès bags made in France. If they were made somewhere else they would not be 'the real thing' for me, if you know what I mean? :angel: Like the label 'Louis Vuitton Paris... in France... *what?* Made in USA!' :blink: That would feel a bit strange, because
    I live in Europe so there's only French and Spanish items available. The Spanish factory makes most of the the small leather goods which is fine and I've been satisfied with the quality of the wallets and key holders.

    I also have friends who had problems with LVs made in USA, due to the poor zipper quality. They purchased the bags in the US, and live in Europe so now they have to send the bags to the US factory for reparation and it will take such a long time. :hrmm:

    I suppose in the US you can choose between the French made and US made bags in the LV stores?
  12. well i of course prefere when it's made in france :P
  13. i know right! that basically sums it up for me. i was wondering (because i couldn't find it :hrmm: ) where on/in the mc alma does it say where it was made?
  14. I don't have an Alma but I always thought that it was on the outside of the bag close to the bottom of the bag.
  15. I don't care.:amuse: