Does it matter if the wallet for your authentic bag is fake


Mar 6, 2006
I just bought a new LV Alma and the wallet is close to $500--I think that is too much for a wallet. I'm thinking of getting a fake one.

What do you think or do any of you that have authentic bags carry a fake wallet.

i dont think you have to buy a fake one to go with your awesome bag! you totally dont have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a wallet if you don't want too! :amuse:

i'm sure you can find a pretty good wallet thats at the good price somewhere.... (i'll let some of the other PF ppl help there...I'm not good with America store names :shame: )

But do you want your wallet to match your new LV bag? if so, i reckon you should probably just save a little more and get it and just use any old wallet for the mean time :amuse:

good luck!
Why would you carry a real bag and a fake wallet. I would;nt be able to sleep at night knowing its fake, seriously. I wear real LV for myself not for anyone else, that goes for wallets necklaces coin purses etc etc
I would not buy a fake wallet just because of the issues involved in production (poor labour conditions), quality (poor) as well as trade (black market, so basically you're funding underworld activities).

You can get a perfectly nice Coach wallet for under 100$ at the outlets. It'd be an authentic designer wallet as well. There's really no need to buy a fake.
Dooney Bourke has some cute wallets these days or even Guess. That way you have a nice wallet and it isn't fake.
Besides you don't have to have designer everything. One step at a time.
don't do fake .... PLEASE .... there are very pretty affordable wallets. Kate Spade has some nice wallets at reasonable prices. Also, check
they usually have wallets at a discount. I believe I saw some Fendi wallets there not too long ago.
Sorry,i doubt you will get someone on this forum to support fakes, we agreed before we do not support fakes here, so i really see no purpose for this question. Like i said before, I rather buy a regular non designer leather bag that I think is cute, than a fake bag or wallet if I can't afford it.
No honey, don't ruin your beautiful bag by filling it w/ imposters.
Buy anything at TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, outlets . . . you get the point. DO NOT support copies.
SuzyZ said:
Don't buy a fake and don't buy the real $500.00 wallet - Just buy a generic good quality leather wallet in a coordinating color.
Good suggestion. I got a Perry Ellis men's wallet for under $20 (it was on sale 50% off) at Marshall Fields. It's the same color as my bag, and it holds all my credit cards and ID.
I appreciate all of your replies. I was under the impression that it was tacky to have an expansive bag without the matching wallet. Now I'm glad that all of you who own fabulous bags don't think so.

Thank you.
Oooh no! My wallet doesn't match my bag! Don't fret over the little things!

Of course, I'd LOVE to have a matching wallet for each bag, but I'd REALLY rather just have another FAB bag!