Does it matter if the LVs are cut off? Mono or MC beverly owners please advice.

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  1. Just reach back and took out my new MC beverly..Have not got a chance to use it yet and the plastics are still intact etc..than realised that the LVs at the base are all cut off. Does it matter? Don't know why things are not going so smoothly. It never occur to me that the LV will be cut off..Any TPFers have LV's that are cut off...I think is it symetrical but still wondering any mono beverly owners have LVs that are cut off??:confused1:

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  2. I think it depends on the bag. Certain styles especially the MC have their LV's cut off.
  3. Yeah I think if they were to centre the LVs some cutting off would be inevitable depending on the dimensions of the item.
  4. No it doesn't matter, what matters is that the LV's are centred (and it seems they are on your bag. As eminere said, cutting off is inevitable because of a bag's dimensions.
  5. its where they cut the canvas... they had enough the right amount measured out for your bag and they cut it to create it. that is why it is cut off... at least it is evenly cut
  6. Thanks everyone..whew!!!
  7. They are cut off on the ends of my Keepall 60, I was worried too!
  8. Fashionphile has one of these on their website and the LV's on the bottom are not cut off......
  9. this one is the MM and the one on fashionphile is the GM
  10. i think they do that to certain MC bags because of all the detailing on the front like the vachetta corners and the gold hardware, etc. they don't want the LV's to be "hidden" underneath the detailing...

    it doesn't really bother me. an authentic bag is still authentic!
  11. Oh sorry! I didn't know it was the mm, that one is my favorite!:smile:

  12. i second that! dont worry about such little things like that!
    i under stand if the bag is damaged but if the LVs ARE CUT OFF?:wtf:
  13. ITA Kaye! (and btw, you are so pretty!)