Does it make sense to list items to sell before Black Friday or after?

  1. Hello!

    I'm thinking whether or not it makes sense to list items this Sunday (I always list my auction from Sunday to Sunday) because it goes over Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Would it be better to wait until next Sunday? Or no difference?

  2. I think it depends entirely on what you are selling, my husband and I sell electricals and video games so we're laying low right now!
  3. If it isn't new and gift worthy, alot of sellers wait until after the holiday season as sales are really slow right now for luxury items. Unfortunately, it takes a while for them to pick up again as everyone is (or feels) broke after the holidays!

    If it is new and gift worthy, it's kind of a catch-22. Most people are out shopping in actual stores or spending time with family (even the eBay obsessed like me are taking time away from the computer!), so if you list it, alot of people won't be around to see it. However, if you wait, then someone might buy it in the store that week if they don't see a good one on eBay...

    But I guess it really depends on the item and how you're listing it. I would avoid an auction, but might go ahead and list a BIN because someone might be checking eBay for it before they go to the store- it only takes one person to get the price you want for it with BIN, not several people vying for the high bid (which you might not get this coming week/weekend). Good luck!
  4. I think I'm going to list things to start this Sunday night so they run through Thanksgiving week. I figure if they end the weekend of Thanksgiving, I might have some luck selling. I have noticed that I've had better luck selling winter clothes now, which is probably an obvious statement given the weather change ... :p
  5. If it's winter clothes, good call. Nothing makes you want more clothes than being cold!
  6. Good point about the winter clothes...most of the items I was thinking about listing was winter-related items (mainly designer coats and holiday cocktail dresses) and a couple of purses. I'll try my luck:yes:
  7. I think the Buy it Now comment is a good one - I'd list items you might have sold as BIN because there's more chance with those, people are looking to get their shopping done and they don't want to wait until Saturday to see if they are lucky or not, they want that item off their list and done.
  8. I would say after, especially the week after black friday when buyers are freaked out because items are sold out, they turn to the internet to look for options. I did awesome last year right before christmas. As long as you are willing to go to the post office often (like everyday) to make sure packages get to buyers on time, you will do great. I'm so excited, I love this time of year, especially for sales! Oh yeah- BIN is a GREAT way- buyers do not want to wait and are willing to pay more to get stuff right away!
  9. I'd also make sure your items run through the Monday following Black Friday as well. I know that in the past I've spent that next work day looking online for the things I wasn't able to get on Friday. Given the amount of online retail that's been shown to happen that day it can't hurt.
  10. I was wondering too if I was an IDIOT for listing my items today.... they will end on black Friday! Maybe it was stupid of me???
  11. I learned from last year not to have anything listed or going off on thanksgiving (busy eating), black friday (out shopping), saturday (still shopping or resting), or sunday (busiest Travel day). I did not sell anything last year and vowed never to waste my time again on such a popular holiday!
  12. The average Coach listings are around 14,000 a day. I can't remember exactly which weeks it was last year before Xmas, but I remember the Coach listings topping 25,000 and the day after Xmas is was down to around 6,000. So there's a time span coming for super sales about 2 weeks before Xmas, I think, for us handbag sellers.
    I know I've stocked up for extra listings in December.
  13. I'm listing a bunch of stuff today, ending on next Sunday. The stuff I sell isn't exactly impulse gift or stocking stuffer type of stuff, though, since nearly all of it is Hermes and my customers are buying for themselves.
    So, most of the common eBay wisdom doesn't apply as much to my listings as they would to sellers of other brands.