Does it make sense to have a favorite mm and a felicie both in monogram?

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Which bag to keep

  1. Felicie

  2. Favorite

  3. Both

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I bought a monogram felicie because I could not find the favorite. But a couple weeks ago I was able to obtain a favorite online and I had planned to return the felicie. But now I am having second thoughts and I realize that I like both bags. I actually seem to prefer the felicie but I have been searching for the favorite for 6 months so I don't want to regret returning it. Does it make sense to keep both especially since they are both in monogram? Which one would you keep?
  2. Since you've now tried on both and prefer the felicie - I think I would keep the felicie and maybe buy a different type of bag instead of the favorite?.
    But if you have the means to keep both and enjoy them both - no reason why you shouldn't keep both either! :smile:
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  3. Im the opposite. i've been looking for the favorite and cant find it so i got the felicie. but i kind of regret getting it because of the size. i barely can fit my essentials. and i got it in damier azur. i love the chain strap but it digs on my shoulder and i dont use the 2 inserts. i think the favorite mm will fit more and its good for a day and night bag. goodluck deciding.
  4. Both are small... why not both?
  5. If you are able to, keep them both.
  6. Keep both, perhaps exchange the Felicie for another print.
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  7. I have both, but my Felicie is a MWT version with the stickers. I like the inserts and structured shape of the Felicie, but the favourite is also nice for not being structured so I can fit more stuff inside without worrying about the closure.

    I would keep both if you have the means to do so, otherwise keep the Felicie since you prefer it more.
  8. I feel like they are too similar
  9. Almost similar except the capacity of the bag. but i think the favorite is more durable in the long run. i have the felicie in damier azur and i noticed that the canvas is thin. and the edges is prone to crack or damage if you are not careful.
  10. I Don’t feel that they are similar. I own both although my felicie is in Empriente noir.
    I find the Favorite mm to hold much more and is more casual. Felicie is great for day Into night and can be dressed up more. Makes a beautiful clutch as well. I use my felicie for concerts and out for drinks/dinner. If you can keep both, do it! They are both great bags.
  11. I had the same dilemma back in the fall! I went back and forth for weeks. Thier is something about the felicie and I just love the silhouette of it. I had decided to keep the felicie and tried to use it as I would the favorite but within an hour I realized the chain strap which I love dug into my shoulders :amazed: it did hold essentials but favorite def holds much more. I ended up not keeping it( wish I could I could or kept both)but my mom has it so I will borrow hers for nights out which I think is a great purpose of that bag. I also do adore it monogram best but the other prints are really nice to if you want to switch it out. If you were to keep both I do feel they hold different purposes now bc the favorite I find more casual and a great everyday bag even though I bought a chain for it. Also maybe try finding a monogram strap for the favorite that always adds a nice touch to it. If you are able to keep both I would keep both. If you can’t I totally understand the hard decision :confused1: sorry for rambling !
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  12. Totally agree !