does it make sense to get a 30?

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  1. I have the speedy 25 and is contemplating if I need a 30... I have 7 other 30 and wonder if I need to return my vernis wallet recently ordered... I have another thread about it.. but it did not have the 25 in the picture...
    i do plan to share it with my DD in 3 years.

    i hope the photos help you... help me :biggrin:

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  2. Speedy 25 is a cute size (especially for a teenager, since you're thinking of sharing with your DD). I think you should keep it since you do have so many others in size 30.
  3. Heaaay, the Speedy 25 looks great with you! I love the purse charms you placed on it. It is such a pretty bag in the Monogram canvas print. If you have 7 other Speedy 30s, I think a Speedy 25 is a nice change. There is no need to keep it for your daughter and let it gather dust. I say use it when you don't need a bigger purse for that day.
  4. OHH! i answered on your other thread saying that you should get the 30 but thats before i knew you had 7 :nuts:
    i think that you should keep your vernis wallet and the speedy 25 cuz actually fits you perfectly!
  5. I would go for the 30. Personally, I find the 25 to be too small.
  6. The 25 looks good! Keep the wallet.
  7. Keep the wallet!! The 25 looks perfect on you!
  8. The 25 doesn't look too small on you. I say keep it :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.