Does it make a difference for getting the F/W bags...

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  1. if you are put on a waitlist or if you go ahead and have them charge your credit card now, on who gets the bags first when they come in?
    This will be my second time buying directly from Bal, NY and the first time for bags I am on a waitlist for. It actually came up in a thread here, a gal wanted to get a F/W First bag, and instead of being put on the waitlist Bal charged her cc now. I am wondering if this means when the Firsts come in, will the gals who have been on the list for a long time get the bags first, or will customers who have already been charged get the bags first? If anyone who has been charged already gets first dibs on the bags, I would happily pay now! However, it seems fair that the bags get passed out in the order of the waitlist, not whether someone paid ahead of time. Can anyone clear this up?
  2. I've been wondering about this as well. Especially since when the waitlists for F/W first opened, and people started calling, there were posts on tPF about how a PFer would try to give the Bal SA their cc to charge, but the SA would not take it. I wish Bal could get their policies straightened out. :confused1:
  3. Giving them your credit card will NOT put you ahead of the list.

    Although I've noticed that they tend to ask newer customers for their credit card imprint - but (for a fact!) it will not move you up or down the list...and even if you give them your card info. you will be charged when the bag arrives and not immediately.
  4. Thanks ICB - I think everyone was wondering the same thing!:tup:
  5. :yes:
    Yes, thank you ICB very much! And I want to say I did not want to sound like I was putting a damper on gals who gave their card number and were excited about getting a F/W bag. I am truly happy for all pf-ers who are getting F/W bags, I was just wondering how it all worked. Thanks again for letting us know Bals process on waiting lists.
    I am soooo excited about this seasons collection!!!
  6. Deana - I'm a dork and responded to you in the original thread (note to self - read ALL thread titles before responding to just your OP!), but like ICB said, they're not charging my card now - they won't until the shipment comes in. Also, while I'm a new customer, the SA didn't automatically ask for my cc - she gave me the choice of just going on the waitlist or doing a charge and send. I wont' repeat everything I said in the OP (b/c I babble even online ;), but she definitely didn't make it sound like they were running out of the particular bag I wanted (when I asked if it was too late to get on the list for it, she said, "it's never too late."). I'm sure if I were trying to get something really limited, like the magenta, I would've been SOL.
  7. Not a problem! I think it's really fair that way, anyway. YOu know first come first serve kind of thing.

    A Marigold First sounds fabulous.

    Also to those wondering: once you get the call that your bag has arrived you are given 24 hours to decide whether you'd like to purchase it or not and give them your credit card info.
  8. Thanks for all the info. I have been wondering the same thing for a while. I am on 'the list' for a viloet city and marigold city both w/ rh. I am second guessing myself though. I keep thinking maybe I should get the marigold in a first instead. Opinions?
  9. I ordered the marigold in a first because I thought the color would be perfect in that style. I've always loved the yellows from the prior years in that size, so that is what drove my decision.