Does it look suspicious?

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  1. #1 Feb 16, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2014
    I've found a nice bag at Bonanza. It's not too popular colour so price is more less ok ( on low side) Link Seller is from Albania, bag in Italy.
    I did some research and found similar bags ( picture in the same style) on ebay
    Link Seller is from Italy, bag was in Italy as well.
    Another link
    Seller is in Albania, bag in Italy...
    Am I paranoid or it looks suspicious...
    Oh, and found This as well. Different colour. Seller in Albania, bag in Italy...

    Strange thing is that none of sellers wants to ship to Italy ( fine by me, I'm in the UK but sounds odd. Bag is in Italy but they won't ship to Italy...)
  2. Sellers can list the same bag on different sites (although I don't know if this is the case here). All the sellers, however, did not have a lot of feedback. You could ask for additional photos and have the bag authenticated. But I'd probably go with your instincts.
  3. Thank you for your reply. These bags were sold already. 21 January, 7 February, and this one on Bonanza is there from 9 February. Bags from pictures are authentic. I'm afraid that there are pictures of the same bag and God only knows what I would receive if I bought it. On the other side I'm always so cautious that I'm missing out on good deals.
  4. On ebay, if you list on your own ebay site then I don't think you can refuse to ship domestically. You would have to list on another ebay site to do that. Does that make sense?

    As for international sellers not shipping to Italy, I think this is quite common as there do seem to be lots of problems with missing post in Italy from reading the ebay boards.

    But I don't understand Italian based sellers not shipping domestically.
  5. Thank you for your input :smile: Now I worry even more ;) If I buy this bag it could never reach me because of Italian post problems...
  6. Lots of crime in Connection with Albania. It may sound harsh but it is reality. I would personally not buy from there. Italy has a large influx of fake designer items too so I would be very very careful.
  7. Thanks. Actually I thought that Italy is safe. I'm still so naive :smile: I believed that if you have kind of police at the airports randomly checking handbags if they are real it means it's almost impossible to buy fakes from Italy. I have to rethink this theory :thinking:
  8. No no no. There are organisations who sell tons of fake bags there, in the streets too. Money talks there.
  9. oh, no... I learn something new every day :smile: I really hoped that Italy wasn't affected by counterfeit goods.
  10. To the best of my knowledge, the issue is with post incoming to Italy not with outgoing post.

    Being cynical then that makes sense as if lots of outgoing post went missing then the Italian postal authorities would be paying out on a lot of claims. If incoming post goes missing then it's the sender's postal service that is responsible for compensation to customers!

    Can't help on authenticity or otherwise but there are services on the forum to assist you if you've done your due diligence with the seller etc.
  11. Thanks again. Bags in the pictures are authentic. One of these auctions was authenticated here. My main concern is that I won't receive the bag from these pictures. It looks like at least 3 listings used pictures of the same bag. Or they had 3 the same, but I don't think so.
    I always thought I'm too cautions and paranoid about authenticity but I guess in this case it's not only me who sees red flags
  12. ^^^^ Re those two listings and sellers, I believe they are the same person -- I can't imagine that two different sellers would have almost identical photographing styles, take pictures of the identical parts of the bags, etc.

    Seller dajana on Bonz
    Seller roubuchon on ebay

    Ebay seller roubuchon -- sold this on ebay:

    And this listing from dajana appears to be the same bag:

    I don't know Balenciaga. Are these serial numbers unique?

    This is from the Bonz listing:

    And this is from the ebay listing:


    This is from Bonz:


    This is from the ebay listing:


    As further evidence that roubouchon (ebay) and dajana (Bonanza) are probably the same person, compare the backgrounds in these two listings. It's the same brocade fabric:

    roubouchon -

    dajana -

    I agree that for newbies, something seems strange with all these Albanian/Italian sellers with so many similar bags.
  13. I am not sure those bags are authentic. I used to own lots of Bbags and also authenticate for members, there are a few things that look odd to me. Could be the Pictures but I would NEVER buy a bbag from Italy or Albania unless I knew the seller or it was a reputable one. Never.
  14. Thank you :smile: It is the same bag, and I really doubt they ( she) have more than one. People who bought these bags are happy with the transactions judging by the feedbacks, but it could be faked as well...
    Funny thing when I asked her ( Bonanza ) if she sells bags somewhere else she ignored my question. But when I asked about colour of the bag she replied immediately- 'it's lovely make me an offer'
    It's time to move on...