Does it look normal to you ?

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  1. Hi !

    I just got the new Victorian in fuchsia this morning. The SA went away to pack it and when I got home, I found out this oddd thing on the corner...

    The first pic is the one corner which seems to be defective ...

    I will try to do a complete reveal tonight.

    FYI, it's 365 €

    Thanks a lot

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  2. That looks perfectly normal to me. It's designed that way so that the zipper head doesn't collide with the stitching and glazing as well as to allow the leather and canvas some space to open and flex at the ends (if that makes sense).
  3. It does :smile:

    I's not the space between the canvas and the zipper that bothers me. The corner on the first pic, on the top, it's not fuchsia (like it should be ?). I don't know if I'm totally clear ...

  4. It's hard to tell from the picture, but what I'm seeing does look normal. I don't think it would be fuchsia because the back looks like it's mono pattern.
  5. I honestly don't see anything out of place. That's just how the wallet is constructed given the materials used and their placement...if your wallet is sneaking out at night to murder the neighbors or self-implodes on the third use then you definitely know that it's not normal. :lol:
  6. :lol:

    I guess I'll just go to the store look at the others and see if I keep it or not... I'm still debating between fuchsia and RB anyway
  7. Good plan!:smile:
  8. I personally shy away from very light/delicate colors for wallets just because our cards and money are so disgustingly dirty:yucky:
  9. What I see is normal. Enjoy your new LV!!
  10. Are you talking about how one side is fuchsia and one side is brown? If so, it is designed that way because the side that is brown is one the side with the canvas which is BROWN. It's made that way so the item looks totally brown/canvas from the front as it would look weird having that part be fuchsia.
  11. Thanks!

    I went to LV, there was a problem with the stitches, so they gave me another one.