Does it happen to you?

  1. I love MbMJ bags and the few ones I have were purchased from eBay ... except for my camouflage Teri ... which was bought from Neiman Marcus (I live in Brazil and, fortunately, NM ships internationally!).

    I don't know if I expect too much from my eBay purchases, but 90% from the bags I bought using eBay were sold for me here in Brazil ... just because I was not totally satisfied with the bag ... .

    Some minimal scratch (minimal, minimal!) always makes me to decide to sell the bag to someone else who doesn't care about it! Maybe it's a stupid behaviour, but I can't keep a bag which has any kind of imperfection (imperfection in my point of view!).

    And the worst thing is that, generally, I buy the bag believing that the Ebay seller is describing it 100% accurately ... but ... .

    Well, maybe I'm being too demanding!

    What do you think?
  2. I think the only way you'll be satisfied by ebay is if you always operate under the assumption you're getting a used bag. Even if it was never carried, it had to be handled to be purchased. Besides, I've seen new bags in the store that were horribly scuffed up because someone returned it...No such thing as museum pristine afaik. Besides, it can't stay mint forever if we're actually gonna put it to use, right?;)
  3. That is why I try to only buy NWT bags on eBay. It seems as if the seller's interpretation of the condition of the bag is often skewed.

    Unfortunately, I just received a sap green Stella that is not in the condition I expected... lesson learned. :push:
  4. 'lizard260' ... you're right ... but it's gonna be used FOR ME! hehehe.
  5. Yes, Melly ... I know exactly what you mean!!!
  6. I want to live in USA! So I could see the bags irl before buying them!!!
  7. When I buy on E-bay, I assume the bag is going to be used and have minimal wear. It's just the way it is. Usually, I am getting the bag at a very significant discount off retail price. If I want a new bag, I go to the dept. store or MJ boutique and pay the high price. I have had some really great deals on E-bay where the bag was NEW condition and it was a great price. That is a really pleasant surprise. In other instances, there is wear, but I am ok with it. It makes it easier for me to carry around and not worry about it as much. If you want something in new condition, don't trust e-bay or sellers to be 100% honest or objective in their descriptions. Expect imperfections.
  8. You're absolutely right. You shouldn't have to settle for a bag that you're uncomfortable with. I get bothered with minor details, too. Handbags are expensive so each and every one you buy should make you feel like you got your money's worth. :yes:

    (Btw, I would say 80% of handbag sellers on Ebay aren't completely honest in their item descriptions...) I try to buy from TPF members... because well, they rock!!
  9. /\/\ I feel the same way too - when I buy bags on eBay I always try to buy from tPFers just because I feel safer when it comes to authenticity claims and also their bags tend to be better described than sellers.... :yes:
  10. Off topic but hey i live in Rio too!!!
  11. Ever since I joined tPF, I definitely I feel more comfortable on bidding on an MJ bag from Ebay, and have less concerns regarding authenticity (thanks to all you ladies who help authenticate!!!:tup: However, I have not bought one from Ebay since whenever I am comfortable enough to bid, I lose. Anyway, I am very picky with my bags so it is hard for me to imagine a "gently used" bag as scuffed and scratched. Sellers tend to view their products more positively and buyers tend to nitpick every single detail on their purchases (I know I do!). That's why I think I would agree with Melly that NWT bags are the way to go since "New" normally means unused, unscuffed, unscratched. You are not being demanding, debora4ever...just know that when you purchase from Ebay, it might not be what you expect.
  12. I don't think it's realistic to expect a used bag to be perfect, and if you aren't paying full retail that should be acceptable.
  13. I disagree. Just because you do not pay full retail for a bag does not mean you should have to accept damage that wasn't disclosed upfront. I am very thorough in asking additional questions about a bag's condition before placing a bid. I have no interest in bags with signs of interior or exterior wear. Therefore, when a bag arrives with any undisclosed damage I believe I have every right to be upset and disappointed.
  14. Hi, Francesa! Where do you live here in Rio? I live in Ipanema!
  15. Melly, I agree with you! Imagine then in my case ... I'm over charged when the bag arrives at Brazilian Customs! I have to pay the Ebay price + 60% over this price! It's very expensive for me to buy MbMJ bags from Ebay (or from an american store) ... so I think I deserve a perfect bag, right?