Does it fit well...

  1. Hey! Can someone tell me if the lux medium bowler fits well as a shoulder bag and under the arm? I'm 5'5 125lbs. Thanks
  2. Not on me, I am not a big girl and I can't get it under my arm comfortably at all.
    I'm a size 6 about 5'3" 126 lbs.

    But I know it fits girls who are pretty thin.
  3. If you have arms like twigs then the bag will fit! I hold it or wear it in the middle of my arm with as much flaunting as possible.
  4. The deerskin does because the leather is mallable. The metallic goatskin was difficult to carry as a shoulder bag - too stiff.

    I'm not sure about the calfskin from the Cruise collection; haven't tried that one out!
  5. i have tried it on before cant get it on my shoulder either, i would get a bag with a longer strap so u can fit it comfortably on ur shoulder
  6. I'm 5'2, and I have the metallic lux bowler - it fits on my shoulder easily. :p