Does it feel ok to walk into a LV store just to look

  1. I'm thinking of getting a new LV purse, but when I get it I will buy it from elux to avoid the tax. I want to go to my local LV store, which is in Houston Galleria, to try different bags to see which one I fall in love with. I usually don't like to walk in a store where I'm going to need the SA assistance and not buy something. To be honest with you, I've never been inside a LV store because of it. My first and only LV I bought from NM because I just happend to be there, the Alma was within my reach at display I grabbed it try it on and fell in love with it so I bought it.

    If any of you have done this--go to the store to try a bag so that then you can buy it on-line--do you think is not too "ghetto" to do that.

    Those of you who have visited the Houston Galleria LV store, how does the SA treat you.
  2. Who really cares what you do and why you go in the LV store? You are the customer and you can do as you please.

    My advice is be kind and honest. Tell the SA you would love her help, but today you are only shopping until you make your decision. If it is really busy and you are taking up too much time in which she can makes a real sale...then maybe you should cut it short.

    I have been in many boutiques (Hermes is the perfect example) and most of the time no one purchases. You need the SA to see things. Don't feel bad. After many visits, if they remember may not receive the help you would like, but you can deal with that later.

    Best of luck!
  3. I do it all the time. When they ask you if they can help. Say ' not yet, I want to look around first' or tell them you are curious about new styles that have come out recently and they'll show you what they have. The SA's are really nice. They say go ahead and look around. It's ok to touch the bags, too.
  4. I agree, i do that all the time. May be go in to look 5 times and only 1 time, i buy... :P
  5. It is ok... if you're going to spend that much money in a bag, you have the right to try it and give it a thought ;) !!!
  6. I do it all the time! I like to drop in often and chat up my SA. In fact, I was there Sunday of last week chatting him up. Walked out with no new purchases even after my hubby kept saying, "Are you SURE you don't want something before the prices go up tomorrow?!?" There was just nothing that I absolutely HAD to have at the moment. But I still consider what I did "shopping".
  7. I think they would understand that you want to try some bags out to see what fits you, and than make a (later) decision.
  8. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going into a LV boutique just to look or try on. I, myself, usually mull over a major purchase for several days if not weeks before deciding. For all they know you may return tomorrow, the next day, or next month ready to purchase. I don't think they mind helping a potential customer.
  9. i do it all the time too. i also go in to just say hi to my SA even if not making a purchase. She is so sweet, she always asks hoe DH and the kids are doing.of course to see the expression on the other SA's is just funny. but oh well. you have the right to go into any store to just look and try on. good luck.tell us what you decide on.
  10. I browse frequently. Isn't that what stores are for lol! Look, touch, and enjoy!
  11. Honestly I just bought off of elux
    and while I love my bag a Monogram Speedy 25
    I realize now I should have gone into the store and compared on myself the different sizes and things.
    Also the person in my dad's life helped me open up my bag and she was as excited as I was, and she was gushing that shopping in the store not even buying is so luxurious.
  12. Thanks all I can't wait to go next weekend and try different bags, is going to be hard not being able to buy the one I really like at that moment.
  13. Good Luck Naturale..I understand why you would feel uncomfortable...however, once you develop a relationship with the SA' shouldnt be a problem...
    In fact, I was just at LV the other day (just to browse) and my SA gave me a HI-5!! Needless to say, everyone at NM was stunned :huh:
  14. I think it's totally fine to browse. If an SA approaches you, just say you're thinking about making a purchase but wanted to get the feel of the different styles. They will be glad to help you.

    Saving on sales tax by buying online is great. But it's also nice to shop in a boutique and get your purchase packed up nicely in a fancy shopping bag. I just bought a bag today and the SA gift wrapped it for me with a huge ribbon without my asking, and it felt special.
  15. Good to know! I have only bought on elux to save sales tax...8.8% in Washington State, ouch!