Does it feel good to give?

  1. Doesn't it feel good to give things away to people that will use them more? I was cleaning house and came across a Coach bag my hubby got me for Sweetest Day. Since my main obsession is LV I've been using those bags wayyyyy more. So, my mom who pinches pennies (even though she doesn't have to), has always drooled over Coach bags. Since I doubt I would actually use the bag ever again for a long time I stopped by and gave it to her along with my Coach wallet that I replaced with an LV one. She was so excited and she gave me a huge hug! I was soo happy to give the bag to her cuz it made her so happy.

    Anyone else get excited giving things away or have moments like this?

  2. I love the feeling of making people happy :yes: It makes me forget my problems for a little bit...

    The person doesn't have to give something in return.. It's their reaction--when their face lights up or when they appreciate it so much, they're in tears.. those are the best :biggrin:
  3. There is only one thing I can think of that feels better...:love:
  4. yes yes yes! I LOVE giving gifts! It makes me feel happy! Even if it's something small like the other day I saw a homeless guy and I gave him a Subway Sandwich and when I gave it to him he started to cry and thanked me and told me he hasn't eaten in 2 days!! :crybaby:

    I also gave a lot of clothes to a family who had triplets that were all deaf and they don't have that much money!!! It made me feel so good to give especially when they really need it!
  5. Aww... your so nice kelli! It does feel good to give.
  6. You're making me cry...:crybaby:
  7. i usually give stuff to homes and such places... or the coat drives... while it's going to someone who needs it, it just depresses me because seeing the piles of stuff just makes me feel guilty and depressed about how much $$ i've wasted =( and STILL i don't know why i can't stop buying anything cos i don't need anything!!! ARGH!

    But yes i like giving stuff and surprises to others and buying meals for the homeless etc. that feels good and is benefitting someone else =)
  8. Me too!!!:crybaby:
  9. That was very very nice of you to do!

    I always feel good when I give people gifts that excite them and make them happy - especially when they are having a bad day. It means a lot to me to brighten someone's day, even if it's just for a few moments!
  10. Yep I love it! Makes my day brighter! It's def. not about getting back, but about giving....anyone ever see the magnificent obbsession? All about happiness through giving.
  11. I am definitely a giver! I'm one of those people who will just send cards for no reason. Just purchased one for my sister that I'm going to mail tomorrow along with a little 'gift' I picked up for her.

    There are also a few charities that are dear to my heart that I give to often.

    I also love to give material items away. It's so nice to be able to help those who are less fortunate. Also, like the OP's mother, there are people who just won't buy such items for themselves even though they want them/like them. I always buy things for my mother and sister when I buy something for myself They also do the same when they shop. When I go shopping..I usually end up with just as many items for others as I do for myself. My niece and nephew are in college and I'm always sending them money or something..just sent my niece 6 or so handbags that were in my closet. It's nice to be able to treat and it REALLY does feel good!
  12. I love giving gifts to people!! Sooo fun to see the expression on their face! :smile:
  13. I am a big giver. Hubby and I donate huge amounts of stuff to the Salvation Army (about $2K worth per year), I also donate to other charities and I donate some of my time to the Junior League. I also give stuff to my younger sister, who isn't as well off as I am, and I buy things for her daughter too.

    It feels great to be able to give!
  14. I will share my favorite method: direct, but anonymous.

    Stealth. covert. Reverse Robbery.

    It is like a drug, once you start, it will become a habit, and you will find yourself a people-watcher, observing all those around you, discovering needs that you can fill, or persuade someone with more resources to become your accomplice and fill...