does it exist?!?

  1. i have had horrible luck in trying to buy my first expensive (to me) handbag. i am looking for a red bag, not too slouchy, no grommets or rivets or dangly tassle/fringe things. big enough to carry a 1 liter water bottle. i can pay $500ish. can you please help me? i have searched the internet high and low and just cant seem to find a bag that i love (except for the dior (cannage?) bucket and that of course is way more than i can afford!)
  2. thanks for your reply! that bag is beautiful but i would prefer something with a bit more structure. i would like it to be able to stand up on its own.
  3. How about a scarlet bag from Monsac?


    Do you have a pic of the Dior bag you love?
  4. Fall Women's 2006 Catalog - eLUXURY

    the monsac is nice. lol, maybe a bit too stiff. i dont know anything about that brand. are they fabulous? i think i may be too picky. but i dont want to spend a lot of money on a bag and not adore it. you are so kind to help me.
  5. You're not being picky. For $500, you should get a bag that you adore.

    That dior bag is lovely.

    I'm not a buyer, just a browser. :smile: But you're right, the Monsac leather does look rather stiff.
  6. Monsac leather wears like iron and always has a beautiful patina.
  7. PS I know you said no tassles, but on the top two, I feel like those are just on a little ring that could be really easily taken off if they were the rest of the bag interested you.
  8. Longchamp has some great red hand bags within your price range-
  9. Elaine Turner's "Sloane" Handbag in embossed red ostrich. Cost is $475. Here bags were in the September issue of Elle. She has a number of gorgeous ones, and if you sign up for her newsletter you get 10% off your first purchase.
    Elaine Turner Designs