Does it ever stop?

  1. First I bought the Bosphore GM and I told myself that I was done buying LV for atleast 3 months.
    Then I saw the Jack and Lucie charm on someone's bag and I just had to have that, so I bought it.
    Okay, I got that and I thought now I'm really done for atleast 3 months.
    Then I made the mistake of wandering in the LV store in Atlantic City and saw the Pouchette Tulum and I thought that it would be perfect for my cellphone.
    I have not bought it...yet.
    My question to all of you is, does your wanting to buy more and more LV ever stop?
    If not, should I just surrender to the madness :smile:
  2. No, it never stops for me!!! I love LV. I'll get a bag and think I'm happy for a week, I'm wanting more!! I'm trying to go easy on bags and get some accessories as well. I used to have a lot of bags and it became overwhelming, so I sold them.
  3. Lol. Just surrender. The want is almost always there but if you're disciplined enough you can put off purchases for awhile.
  4. It never stops!!!

    Welcome to the club! :p
  5. After every purchase I say the same thing. Who are we kidding.
  6. Oh Gosh, I always ask myself that same question: "When Will This Obsessing Over LV Ever Stop!"

    Come to find out that it just doesn't .... unless they make an LV-REHAB CENTER. :lol:

    Goodness, I get 1 bag PLUS matching accessories to go with it <--- those will keep me "satisfied" for about 1-2 months (which isn't so bad i think).

    Then I buy another bag and of course I "need" to get matching accessories for that bag ..... and this cycle goes on ..... and on .... and on. *sigh*

    I think once LV stops making such pretty bags and the styles start to get really ugly then I'll stop ...... BUT I highly doubt that will happen.

    Sad part is .... I'm only 23 ..... so I have many more years to go to fill up my NEVER SATISFIED collection.

    :shrugs: Maybe when I become a mommy and have kids the addiction will slow down? <---- Any moms out there slow down there addiction after having children?
  7. It does the same to me and I tot I'm crazy here... :wacko:
  8. no it never ends...
    I say surrender to the madness as often as possible.
    : )
  9. Its an addiction, it only gets worse!!!:wlae:
  10. i think the wanting never stops but the buying could (depending on how much disposable income you have, haha). i say just make sure you can afford it. if you can, then there's nothing wrong with buying more lv. :graucho:
  11. Just surrender to the madness! its NEVER gonna stop.
    I'm sooooo IN LOVE with Louis Vuitton!

    I can never stop this obsession. (and deeeep down inside..i don't want to :p hahaha)
  12. You should just surrender! Or get off this forum ASAP :lol: This forum has made things so much worse for me...And with three exams next week, I have had to FIGHT myself from the temptation of "visiting" the store. If you can afford it, I say buy everything that takes your fancy :p
  13. I hope it stops at some point for me.. lol. Yesterday I wrote a list of all the LV bags I've purchased for 2007 and it was quite shocking, to say the least. I also added up the $$$$$ spent, holy shot.. poor dh. :whistle:
  14. I keep telling myself that it will end and that this is just a phase but when you see it, then you touch it, then you wear it, then the SA says: "It suits you perfectly!", then you imagine yourself walking with's at this point that I can't stop anymore...:nuts: :wtf: :yahoo:then you post pics online and you get validation from your fellow tPFers. sigh. You pat yourself in the back and believe that you did good. Then you say it's just a phase, then you see another style and the cycle repeats itself...:heart::heart:
  15. don't even try to fight it. resistance is futile :yes: