Does it ever bother you when SAs are unfamiliar with Chloe style names?

  1. I know, I know... There are a lot of styles (Chloe as well as other brands) to keep track of...But wouldn't it be nice if the dept. store buyers would provide a "cheat sheet" of style names and pictures for their sales associates? Nine times out of ten, SAs haven't a clue as to what bag I'm talking about...:sad:
  2. Its sooo true, specially outlet stores! Just the otehr day I call a NMLC stores and I kinda had the the SA a crash course on the Chloe bags she had! But she was really curious because I guess she had been getting as lot of calls of Chloe bags freaks like us!
  3. I've noticed that some SA's really aren't that familiar with the bags they sell. I know we're a bit 'bag obsessed' on this forum, but you would think that if you were in handbag sales day after day you would know more about the bags you sell. Many times I've asked 'knowledgeable' SA's about a particular bag (i.e. the Chloe Ava), and they didn't know what I was talking about, so I had to describe the bag, or we went through the store Chloe catalog to find the style. Also, I've been in a store and called a bag by it's name and they didn't know which one I was referring to until I pointed it out on the shelf. So, I guess some SA's really aren't into the bags as much as we are. In their defense, there are some great SA's who can be very, very helpful. I find this especially true in the Designer boutiques.
  4. Actually most of the SAs don't know the product names..So what I do now is take pictures of the items which I am searching for into the store or I request to see their product guide...Which normally will list the product display structure(so if the item should be available in their store the SA should be able to locate the floor sample) product name, style number and the price...I hope this helps...
  5. It doesn't really bother me depending on store. For example, if it was a department store then it doesn't bother me because they have a lot to keep track of. But if it is a chloe boutique then that's rather appalling.