Does it drive you crazy to see people.....

  1. Does it drive you crazy to see friends and relatives totally trash their nice bags? My one relative has bought a lot of beautiful bags Chanel, LV and others. She also loves Coach but the large more expensive all leather ones. She just throws her bags on the floor, in the back of her husband's truck..... Her one pink Chanel looks horrible and it is under a year old and she does not use it that much. She goes from purse to purse and just leaves her purses on the floor in her family room. I can visit a month later and the purses are still thrown on the floor. Some of my friends are like this--it seems to be common for them to throw their bags like footballs in the back of their SUV before they drive???? :crybaby: I am so careful about my bags. I mean why spend money if you are going to destroy it?
  2. She must have money for days to treat such expensive things with such little care. I would die to see that, I would feel obligated to rescue those poor bags. I love my purses like they're my children. True at the end of the day they're just "materialistic" items, but they're beautifully made and designed items.... I would never.
  3. ^I'm guilty of this when it comes to some bags, but I wouldn't do it with a Chanel or an LV :shrugs:

    I take pretty good care of my stuff, but it's still just "stuff" to me. I would never put my bag in its own chair, lay it on a napkin, or whip out a purse hook for it in public. I have nothing against people who do-- that's just sooo not me!...
  4. Funny!! I get embarrassed for people who carry any kind of delapidated handbag (or wear worn out shoes!), expensive or otherwise. Why buy an expensive handbag when you are going to trash it? Doesn't make sense to me. It doesn't say "I'm so rich, I can buy another one". It just says "I'm shabby".
  5. :wtf:

    I don't know enough people who buy really expensive bags to know anybody that would treat them like that. I guess I don't understand spending tons of money if you're going to trash it. Then again, "tons" of money is relative. While $2500 is a lot for a bag to me, it might not be to someone who would throw it on the floor and trash it.
  6. Yep, I know people who are very careless with their things. They think I am too careful, but I figure I am better off keeping something in good condition for years and years, because then I replace items less and save money in the long run. I also think that some people should be more aware of the germs and other things they expose their bags to by throwing them on the floor and such.
  7. OMG! Just last Friday, I was in the parking lot at my DD's school (the kids were going on a field trip and were all piling into cars) and I see that Celine bag on the WET MUDDY ground!!!:wtf: DD's teacher has a beautiful Celine bag and she put it down on the ground! I could not believe my eyes! I had to walk away b/c I was going to cry. Yes, it is authentic.

    My BFF packs her bags to brim and drops them down anywhere!, flings them into the car, yada yada :shame:
    Not me, I love my babies.
  8. I've a friend whose bags are all Miu Mius, LVs, Chanels, Pradas or Guccis and she treats them like dirt. I'm always admonishing her about taking better care of her bags! It pains me to see how they're abused. Wish she'd let me take care of them for her! :graucho:
  9. This always drives me insane! When i used to go to art school, it was after our christmas vacation and a classmate of mine got a LV speedy(monogram) 40, and she brought it to school every single day and after 3 months it got covered in black/white charcoal and not to mention gouache paint! I was shocked when she asked me "my bag is pretty messed up isn't it?" ... i was like... "UMMMM... yeah lol" But the handbag got worse!

    Then another time, another girl purchased a Balenciaga (the weekender-in seafoam) and brought that to school and the poor bag got marked with colored markers, fabric glue, etc.. I honestly had to ask her whether or not she cared and all she said was "since i bought it .. .might as well USE it, i'm not a type of girl who just buys an expensive bag and wears it once in a while, besides i needed a big bag for school!"

    These girls are crazy! One thing is for sure: you won't see me putting my bags on the dirty floor!
  10. It doesn't drive me crazy but it is rather unfortunate. Not sure if it's carelessness or cluelessness, but either way it's a shame. Kind of like when I see someone driving a really nice car that is badly in need of a car wash, like why even bother to have nice things if you don't bother to take care of them??
  11. I'm not one to obsess over my bags, much like ClaireZk, but I had this class with a girl who carried around a green prada that was really dirty, and it drove me nuts. She would have looked so much better with a clean bag from target, because she always wore really professional put-together clothes, but then her outfit was ruined by this grungy bag.
  12. ^ Yeah, I would never carry a dirty grungy bag :nogood:

    Just because I toss my bags onto the backseat of my car once in awhile doesn't mean they're "trashed." There's a big difference between a clean leather seat and mud, glue or paint :rolleyes:
  13. I always see girls put bags on the floor even the light-colored ones which doesn't make any sense to me. This is only real thing that bugs me not only because their expensive bag will get dirty but because they are placing it in the same place that many people's shoes have touched (including the bathroom!).

    No matter how easy it is for someone to buy a designer bag treating them poorly only degrades their value! For some reason whenever I see an expensive bag that is old/worn that someone brings to a nice event I think that the person holding it must only have one bag or something. lol. but that's just me.
  14. I am not careless with my new bags, but the old ones are thrown around here and there:sweatdrop:
  15. I got sick of my mum carrying cheap disgusting bags (like £25 for 'leather' from the market) so I gave her one of my bags to use. Don't know why I bothered as she treats it like her cheap old tat, slings it on the floor and it's all scuffed and tatty looking. Even worse than that, I had a lovely pale old gold hobo bag and my mum put her wet black coat on top of my bag in a cafe and the dye came off her coat and ruined my bag.

    My mum just doesn't care about those things, but I do :shame: