Does it damage the Neverfull if you cinch it often?


Oct 6, 2007
Hi everyone, I just got a Neverfull MM in mono. Because the bag is quite large for an everyday bag, I was trying on how it looked with the sides cinched. My friend told me not to wear it like that, because the leather trim at the top of the bag will start to show wrinkles soon. Did anyone experience that?

I remember last year when I went to buy the NF in DE, but ended up getting another bag instead, the SA told me it is best to choose one way wear the NF DE and not to switch from time to time, because the DE was more delicate for cracking issues. I didn't hear of issues with the mono NF, so I thought I would be able to wear this bag both ways. But I don't want to end up with a wrinkled top trim after a few months of use.


Mar 5, 2016
I cinch mine all the time as I prefer the look. Of course the leather wrinkles a bit where it´s cinched, but that´s normal wear & tear. I had no issues with the leather whatsoever.
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